Dallas Police ‘Swarm’ Local High School, ‘Pray’ for Fetus

Dallas police “swarmed” Woodrow Wilson High School on Friday in response to reports that a human fetus was found in a bathroom. The police department investigated the scene, bringing in at least one helicopter and reviewing video footage, and called for help in identifying a “suspect.”

A local news outlet reported that police were specifically looking into the “circumstances” of how the pregnancy ended—whether or not the mother miscarried or aborted.

“We’re reviewing video, talking to the teachers, trying to determine if anybody has any knowledge of any student that may have had something going on in their life, and pray[ing],” said Dallas Police Major John Lawton.

DPD later acknowledged that a woman had miscarried, and that no criminal offense had taken place. By Tuesday, police said they had stopped the investigation and that no charges would be filed. The DPD spent the weekend searching for the woman whose fetus was found.

Before reports surfaced that the woman had miscarried, a spokesperson of Baby Moses Dallas, a “non-profit corporation whose purpose is to save babies,” told a local Fox affiliate that the woman should have carried the fetus to term in order to avoid criminal charges.

A Texas law called a “Safe Haven” or “Baby Moses Law” allows parents to leave newborns that they can’t care for at a “designated safe place, with no questions asked.”

The Baby Moses Dallas spokesperson, Alan Elliott, who had assumed the case at the high school was the result of an abortion, said that the woman should have used the Baby Moses law and carried the fetus to term: “That’s a happy ending when that happens, because the baby is safe, the mother is protected from any sort of prosecution, so it’s a win-win for both of them.”

The helicopter and swarm of police officers worried parents and students at the school, who weren’t initially informed about the reason for the massive police presence.

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  • jruwaldt

    Militarized policing and anti-choice zealotry merge. What a surprise.

  • lady_black

    Since when is there a “suspect” in a miscarriage? Since when can a woman carry a miscarried fetus to term? All kinds of crazy here. Did they rename Texas as The Republic of Gilead while I slept?

    • eroteme

      LB, this is purrtiarchy/mirable and please don’t be upset with me, but when I am on SPL I go down the rabbit hole and think up ridiculous scenarios just to tease certain conclusions out of them.

      i agree with you, but I don’t want THEM to know that.

      • Arekushieru

        Can I respond to that other one, or do you think I would be banned with my normally loud ‘mouth”? Or, even worse, do you think it would send the whole thread up in flames?

        • eroteme

          SPL does not have any mods. Eat them alive

      • lady_black

        Oh, I know they think I’m a troll, and I don’t care. Most of them are complete morons.

        • eroteme

          BB is an idiot. That ‘ann’ person followed me around for months accusing me of being a troll. Anyone who asks difficult questions = a troll

    • L-dan

      I figured that there’s a large subset that secretly already calls it that in their heads. It’s been slipping there for a long while.

  • Tanya Nguyễn

    So they assume what, that if there is a fetus, it must have been foul play?
    this is what those of us with a brain worried about when we started seeing all these anti fetus violence bills.

  • TonyaA6

    Poor girl miscarried and was probably terrified. I hope she’ll be ok. Dallas police…smdh.

  • Shan

    Holy crap! A HELICOPTER!?

    • eroteme

      yeah, but if a girl is raped


      is the response

    • expect_resistance

      Talk about overkill.

  • anja

    Extreme overreaction by the police!

  • Pinkladyapple

    The screeching howler monkeys over at theBlaze are throwing a tantrum because its being referred to as a fetus instead of baby in the headlines. Clearly this was a baybeeee and not a fetus!!! Us pro abort lefties with our scientifically accurate terms!!! Oh and they’re saying the girl should be charged with murder.For a miscarriage.Yep, I’m convinced social conservatives are mentally unsound or just a special kind of stupid.

    • JamieHaman

      Special kind of stupid, with a side of mentally unsound control freakism.

    • redlemon

      Every day after reading stuff like this, I consider getting my tubes tied PLUS my husband a vasectomy. And then I fear for my daughter’s right when she grows up.

      • JamieHaman

        Live in Texas, and have to say if you really want your daughter to keep her rights to physical autonomy, safe medical treatments, access to birth control, as well as factual sex-ed, don’t move here. If you live here, I’m sorry for the insanity that passes for our state government.

        • redlemon

          Thankfully, I’m allergic to heat, so I don’t see myself moving to Texas anytime soon. Although my home state of the mitten isn’t doing that much better.

    • Jennifer Starr

      Screeching howler monkeys is kind for The Blaze group –some woman over there is theorizing that the teen deliberately caused the miscarriage with ‘Plan B’ ?!? *snort*. And then you have Bert_1 on the CBS site who claims that stillbirths never happen : http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2014/08/29/dpd-searching-for-mother-after-fetus-found-in-h-s-bathroom/#comment-1570812624 I couldn’t read much more before wanting to repeatedly bang my head.

      • eroteme


      • Pinkladyapple

        I read that one too. Those ignorant ass boils have no clue how birth control actually works. You should read the headesk inducing comments on the hobby lobby ruling. It’s pretty entertaining to read how stupid, hateful, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and sexist the garbage that fills the heads of conservatives.

      • eroteme

        Weird. A lot of *our* comments on the National RTL article were deleted..specifically the ones about the suicidal rape victim….

        Whereas, content free insult posts remain…

        Really odd.

        I also notice that the new spam filter puts some of our posts into immediate moderation, specifically if there is a bad word, or too many bad words. They appear to let s1*t through now, but occasionally the comments will go into moderation…

        I dont get it. And this new disqus update sucks.

        • catseye

          Rightie sites always delete posts that contain facts that rebut their narrative.

          • eroteme

            It was here, hence my comment to Jennifer. Very odd.

          • catseye

            Very odd, indeed. <|:-(

      • Nessie

        Anti-choicers are devoid of empathy, so Bert never considered how hurtful his comment was to the millions of families who had wanted pregnancies that ended badly.

        • ilr1950

          Antichoicers are devoid of empathy and from what Ive seen they know almost nothing about fetal development or abortion itself. They go with hysterical melodramatics and misogyny and that’s enough for them.

  • JamieHaman

    This is Texas. Guilty till proven innocent. Wonder who is going to pay for that would be fetus rescue and capture of a “suspect.” The school? Bet not.

  • Kris Weibel

    She needs compassion and caring…not the fucking police. Since when is a miscarriage a crime?

    • StealthGaytheist

      There are people trying to pass laws that will force women to prove their miscarriage wasn’t induced.

      • ilr1950

        Which is absolutely nuts since abortion is legal

        • Shan

          Self-abortion isn’t, though, in most states IIRC.

          • ilr1950

            I’ve never heard of any state which jails a woman for ending her own pregnancy. Ive read of cases where a woman late in gestation was arrested for the death of her potentially viable fetus, but never seen one of those cases hold up in court. And there was no reference to the age of the fetus in this story.

          • Shan

            A few have been prosecuted but I don’t know if they have actually been jailed. And it looks like the police in Dallas were trying *really* hard to find one that might hold up in court after all.

          • ilr1950

            As I said, sometimes Texas cops really embarass me

  • ilr1950

    OK just out of curiosity how the heck do the cops think someone was having an abortion in the bathroom at a school? This girl needs medical help and support, not having cops swarming into her personal business. They dont mention the estimated age. And given some of the girls I went to school with, she might have not even realized she was pregnant. I can only imagine how traumatic that would have been. Texas law enforcement just goes off the deep end at times. Ive lived in Texas most of my life and sometimes I just have to hang my head in embarassment.

    • eroteme

      Moral panic, and abortion is the subject of choice nowadays

  • fiona64

    The Baby Moses Dallas spokesperson, Alan Elliott, who had assumed the case at the high school was the result of an abortion, said
    that the woman should have used the Baby Moses law and carried the
    fetus to term: “That’s a happy ending when that happens, because the
    baby is safe, the mother is protected from any sort of prosecution, so
    it’s a win-win for both of them.”

    Mr. Elliott should have kept his damn mouth shut until he was in possession of all of the facts.

    • Nessie

      The MAN who claimed that the baby would be “safe” clearly doesn’t give a crap about the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse so many foster children endure.