• Dez

    I cant imagine being gay and a black male. The black community is not welcoming to LGBT persons as of yet. We can not even acknowledge homosexuality in the black community with it’s high religiosity. Our gay black men and women suffer alone because of the unwillingness to accept them and HIV is never discussed unless in the context of man/woman relations. When it comes down to it, we need accurate and complete sexual education that includes issues specific to LGBT persons as well. Ultimately we must fight against the christian extremists in this country that is holding back equality and dignity for LGBT of all colors. Non-christians, women, LGBT: our lives are just as important as the majority christian believers and we deserve to have equal treatment under the law and in medicine.

  • Sam Rosenbalm

    “Intersectionality is a consideration of how oppressions—racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism—cannot be examined as separate, but must also recognize the way they operate simultaneously.”

    The situation continues to worsen in our society: Right is wrong and wrong is Right. Moral degeneracy and cultural relativism continue to eradicate every last vestige of Righteousness in the Western world. Worship of self is widespread, the State is subject to the whims of the masses, and the West is self-destructing.

    Racism in it’s truest form is not preferable, completely avoidable, and certainly not the problem. The problem is that in our topsy-turvy world of abstract reason and insane rejection of objectivity, natural biological affinities and tribalism are deemed bad, whereas self-destructive behaviors that run counter to the Law of Social Darwinism are deemed as good. Nature itself is a hierarchy, and if the genetic agglomerations/characteristics of a particular biological group bestow said group with a better seat at the table, it’s either because it is their table, or the table was won for themselves. Ideas of social justice run counter to the natural Law, and moral constructs serve no purpose whatsoever. The Strong survive, the weak perish. If this dynamic also presents itself among the various human populations, then so be it. In Truth, i can find no moral basis for preferring any different.

    As for diseased homosexuals, i will remind you that in the animal kingdom (particularly among primates), the weak and sick are left to die, and defective organisms are often killed outright. Even if these homosexuals were being mistreated, i can see no moral basis for preferring any different.

    What the West needs is a violent infusion of that which is Right: a monolithic, Totalitarian State to ensure the perpetual biological amelioration of humanity, correct the illusion of self, and crush those pathetic interlopers who dare interfere with the natural Law. This is something for which i will continue to Fight.

    You and your kind are wormfood.

    • catseye

      The more homophobic the scumbag, the bigger the closet case. YOU are the one that is wrong, in every particular. FLAGGED!

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