• StealthGaytheist

    Bravo, France.

    If Conservatives actually thought generous government benefits resulted in reduced access to abortion they’d be all for them. It would be a win-win, after all. Women don’t get abortions and the precious baybees are well cared for. But as usual they prove that their money comes first, and all that crap about saving the zygotes is really about controlling and punishing women.

  • TheBrett

    I’m glad France cleared that up as well. I doubt that they were in any danger of the paternalistic requirements being enforced any time soon, but you never know – a rarely enforced law can still become a weapon of conservatives in the court system at some point in the future. It’s the same reason I’m grateful that Griswold v. Connecticut flipped laws on contraception even if Connecticut’s ban on contraception was virtually never enforced beforehand.

    • Amanda Marcotte

      Exactly. The problem is that, in countries that have these laws, all you need is one fanatic and reactionary doctor and suddenly women are facing hurdles they didn’t have before.

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