• fiona64

    About damned time.

    • StealthGaytheist

      I second that.

  • http://www.myspace.com/btdsloveshack blazintommyd

    Rape in the military butt if you want birth control … be all you can be. RayGun did that with subsistence in the 1980s. Nunn’s “volunteer army” was the alternative to welfare, food stamps, etc. This is the Liberal version of the same thing

    • BelligerentBruncher


      • dudebro

        Admit it. That turned you on.

        • BelligerentBruncher

          Maybe a little, but what doesn’t nowadays? After all, I’m a teenager.

          But really, I don’t know what it even fucking means. Can you decipher?

          • dudebro

            OK, I think I have a rough idea..

            In the 1980s, Reagan offered military service as an alternative to welfare .

            In the 2000s, liberals are offering free BCP as a form of welfare…

            And rape, in the butt, is apparently some sort if bonus + birth control?

          • BelligerentBruncher

            I really didn’t even want to know. But thanks anyway.

          • dudebro

            Don’t frown on education young manbro.


          • Shan

            I think “butt” was just a typo. Reading it as “but” makes it marginally less confusing.

          • dudebro

            Ok it makes sense that way.

            Yeah…rape in the military = not a problem
            contraception for women = omg sluts!

          • Arekushieru

            Yeah, that kinda confused me, too. And my reaction was pretty much like yours. Wut? And… now I don’t think I even really want to know.

      • nvrbl

        Who cares what someone who can’t construct a sentence has to say?

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