• StealthGaytheist

    “I didn’t think, at 24 weeks, you could have a viable baby,” Becca tells the interviewer. “It’s a human being. It wants to live. It has a soul. It has a will. It has a desire to live,” says her husband, Ned.

    “The emotive video then shows images of the couple’s smiling daughter, as Ned says, “For those that are advocating late-term abortions, look at my daughter.”

    The ad finishes with the message that Kay Hagan is “too extreme for North Carolina,” due to her support for later abortions.”

    I hate deceptive ads like that, which imply pro-choice candidates will *make* people have abortions. But what else do the antichoicers have but deception and emotional appeals?

    • dana becker

      Make sure you mention the false ads so people are made aware especially if you hear the misinformation spreading. Don’t let the misinformation go unchallenged. Speak up.

  • AnaV

    “The emotive video then shows images of the couple’s smiling daughter, as Ned says, “For those that are advocating late-term abortions, look at my daughter.”

    I’ve never understood using living people, especially adopted children, as an argument against abortion.

    • dudebro

      Another version of Trot out the Toddler

      If you wouldn’t kill a toddler, then how could you murder a zygote! They are the same thing!

      • StealthGaytheist

        Yes, just like a chicken and an egg are the same thing.

    • Jennifer Starr

      Kids aren’t worth having to conservatives unless they can exploit them and turn them into little mini-activists. They’ll send them to Jesus Camp, tell them that they are ‘abortion survivors’ because they were born after ’73–bet you anything that someday they’ll stand with this kid in front of a clinic, screaming at patients about how she could’ve been aborted.

  • L-dan

    Perhaps because a preterm birth is in no way related to late-term abortions and is thus an emotional distraction from the very argument they’re putting forward. Given the disingenuous argument, it’s rather eye-opening to see where it’s coming from.

    Very few abortions are at 24 weeks or later (only 1.5% are at 21+). Of those, the vast majority involve maternal health or fetal abnormalities–many of which are incompatible with life or would doom an infant to a short life full of surgeries. The Senator’s support for not adding to the burdens those parents face is laudable.

  • TellMeImDreaming

    These idiots think a woman in her third trimester can just demand an abortion. They haven’t even read Roe Vs. Wade….

  • StealthGaytheist

    The issue is lying liars and the tactics they use.

  • Arekushieru

    I have no problem with her support for it. Why would I address it? Oops. Women deserve better than gestational slavery, btw.

  • fiona64

    Teabirchers lying for political gain. In other news, water is wet.

  • Jennifer Starr

    Why does that need to be addressed? I don’t have a problem with it.

  • Donnie McLeod

    God, if this deity exists, accepts liars in Heaven if the liars spend their life lying to cover God’s non existence.

  • dana becker

    Evilness personified and it must be “killed” before it can spawn more evilness.

    Vote them out of office and do not vote for them. If they even talk about religion and God, make sure you don’t vote for them. I want secular govt not a theocracy. Do you?

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