• StealthGaytheist

    I’m with you. This thing is too risky.

  • Shan

    “But it seems to me that this remote-controlled implant may be more likely to deliver injustice
    along with the hormones it releases, to the extent that it is likely to
    be tested on and applied to women for whom authentic informed choices
    may be limited becaue of their age or the circumstances of their lives.”

    This method of birth control is just as much subject to abuse as any other. Just because this one is brand new and unknown doesn’t make it any scarier than the rest out there. Trying to warn people off it because someone might use it AGAINST women plays right into the whole benevolent sexism thing and you should know better if you’re a reproductive rights advocate.

    I say bring this new method on and let women themselves figure out whether and how they can best use it based on their own assessment of their personal situations.

    • Tana Siemaszko

      The issue is women who cannot make their own assessment – minors, the developmentally disabled, the imprisoned, etc. I can see a future where the implant is required for marginalised women, and something on remote control, can certainly be controlled without the woman’s consent once it’s implanted. It can be a good thing, but we’re right now at a point where technology is outstripping both law and ethics/morals.

      • Shan

        This isn’t anything different from the concerns you could have for ALL women for ALL types of birth control. NOT a good reason to put the kibosh on just this one type.

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