• fiona64

    What? Anti-choicers perjured themselves?

    I’m just shocked. /sarc

    In other news, water is wet.

  • RNfromNY

    The best way to guarantee more Gosnells is to outlaw abortion. But anti-choicers don’t care what happens to women who get butchered. They believe women deserve it.

    • feminista


      They claim to care about women’s health but that is a lie.

    • Ravala2

      I’ve been a clinic escort for the past 22 years. And I’ve been saying that to anyone who will listen. Bottom line is that the protesters do NOT care about women. And they have told me so many times that if a woman dies, she deserved it for having “killed her baby”. There is no reasoning with them.

      • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

        if you ever want to publish a story about your experiences (or a series of stories), i’d love to facilitate that … http://demotropolis.org

      • fiona64

        she deserved it for having “killed her baby”

        Yep. These people are not “pro-life.” They are just anti-woman.

  • StealthGaytheist

    All they have are lies and hysterical appeals to emotion. They’re just like the antigays that way.

    • red_zone

      And appeals to emotion can only go on for so long, and so far. Sooner or later, we need to face reality.

  • Suba gunawardana

    Forced-birthers lie & deceive. What’s new?

  • Kathryn Ranieri

    If you really cared about women, you wouldn’t treat them so badly, would you? Take a look.


  • Kathryn Ranieri

    This is blatant sex discrimination that would never be tolerated if it impacted men. See http://bullywatchproductions.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/anti-abortion-as-sex-discrimination/

    • expect_resistance

      Thanks for posting the link, great site.

  • Kris Weibel

    Bigots hiding behind Religion….it’s just so wrong.

    • StealthGaytheist

      And so typical.

  • anja

    Charge them with perjury!

  • jruwaldt

    Why doesn’t it cover conscience clauses? Those are the most ridiculous things. If you can’t do your job properly, you shouldn’t do it at all. At least, they should be required to give back the prescriptions or give them to pharmacists who are willing to fill them. And doctors and nurses who don’t want to deal with contraception or abortion should have to refer patients to others who will.

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