• daninmarina

    Are you kidding? There are simple common sense reasons people do not like using rolled condoms: 1. flawed design concept that disrupts intimacy, 2. they contradict that natural order of human sexual anatomy by providing interference with fluid mucosal contact that is at the core of the sexual experience, 3. consumer complaints are all legit, 4. condoms were invented in 1902 and have not evolved as a consumer-driven product, 5. CDC reports 18% failure mode for condoms when used correctly. Clearly Martha Kempner didn’t do enough research. She fails to reveal that the condom industry is monopolized by 3 major brands that are locked into producing the 1902 rolled condom design. The ROLLED condom is the OLD condom and consumers are justifiably eager for the new condom revolution.

  • Chris Ranmore

    Used them for 12 years without a single breakage and no unintended pregnancies. So for me a lot of the problems people claim sound odd. However, the loss of intimacy and sensation is true from the male perspective – it feels like making love to a plastic sex toy. If one slips off you immediately know because things get a whole lot better! For my female partner the difference was more subtle. I’m not sure the average nervous teenager is going to handle one correctly in the heat of the moment so additional contraception is essential.

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