• purrtriarchy

    A few months ago there was a young lady of 16 who was denied abortion by a judge. She had been adopted and her foster parents were pro life. She attempted to get a judicial bypass. The judge denied her request on a technicality, and on the fact that she was apparently too immature to get an abortion.

    I still wonder what happened to her.

  • P. McCoy

    If the young woman or girl has been a victim of sexual.abuse/assault resulting in a pregnancy by her father, uncle, cousin, brother, grandfather, stepfather, or mother’s boyfriend and mother or other family members just won’t believe it, then imagine the horror about the.victim having to beg her deniers or attackers for consent to get an abortion-monstrous!

    • Ineedacoffee

      Exactly, its horrific to even contemplate

  • Refugee

    This article gave me an Aha! Moment with regards to parental consent /notification. So as a minor you cannot make a decision to have an abortion (or any other medical procedure). But if you are a minor and have a child, by virtue of now being a parent you are able to consent to that child having an abortion (or other medical procedure) but still cannot consent to your own. Is it just me or is there giant disconnect there?

  • Refugee

    Another disconnect occurs to me. Many of the same states that have parental notification/consent laws also have laws restricting a pregnant woman’s right to decline life saving medical treatment. If I have given birth to a child, I would make decisions about my medical treatment and that of the child. So as a parent, I can only make medical decisions for my child once it is outside of my body? Is it just me or does anyone else see this?

    • kitler

      Good points you make.

      It’s all about the fetus. That’s why. They don’t actually give a shit about the health of women or their born children. Just protecting fetal life.

      • Refugee

        I don’t see it as even being about that. To me, it is painting pregnant women as being incapable of making sound decisions.

        • kitler

          Infantilazation of women.

          Which is also why they say women and teens should not have access to abortion or contraception because they will “be used by men”. But somehow, forced pregnancy is BETTER???

          • Ella Warnock

            Men can’t ‘use’ women in the absence of birth control? How is it better if she’s ‘used’ and he goes along his merry way, leaving her with an unwanted pregnancy that came about from a lack of birth control? Ugh, just typing that made me dizzy. Utterly senseless.

          • kitler


            Marriage will solve that problem. OT law is really the only answer, Ella. Then everyone will behave like perfect moral creatures!

          • Ella Warnock

            Oh yeah, I forgot. Silly me.

  • http://icah.org ICAH

    Thank you for pointing this out! The statistic has been replaced to be more relevant to the ways homes and families aren’t always safe. It now reads: In 2011, 3.7 million incidents of abuse and neglect were reported and over 90 percent were attributed to parents and relatives and links to the most recent data from the CDC.

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