The ‘Orange Army,’ the Filibuster, and the Fight for Texans’ Rights: Readers Share Their Stories

Read more of our coverage on Wendy Davis’ historic filibuster and the fight for reproductive rights in Texas here.

Today, RH Reality Check is pleased to bring you a few of the thousands of stories that unfolded during the summer of 2013 at the state capitol in Austin, Texas. Last week, we asked readers to tell us what they remembered most about a special legislative session that showed long-silenced Texans just what they could do—how loud their voices could be—when they came together. From the people’s filibuster to Wendy Davis’ 13-hour stand in the senate to the final, inevitable passage of HB 2 in July, none of it could have happened without the brave Texans who sacrificed their time and their energy to stand up for their rights in a state that has grown ever more hostile to reproductive freedom with each passing year.

They watched online from both coasts, from Chicago, from San Marcos. They drove all night from El Paso, winding through the desert and the the Hill Country. They carpooled from the Rio Grande Valley and flew in from Amarillo and Dallas and Houston. They caught buses down Congress Avenue. They came early, they stayed late, they wore orange. And this is what they have to say.

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