Montana Abortion Clinic Vandalism Suspect Requests Bail Be Reduced to Zero

The man who allegedly severely vandalized a reproductive health-care facility in Kalispell, Montana, requested that his $100,000 bail be reduced to zero on Thursday.

Zachary Klundt is accused of vandalizing All Families Healthcare in March, destroying much of the clinic. The destruction was so complete that the clinic was closed indefinitely. Susan Cahill, the physician assistant who manages the office, has not yet said publicly if she will reopen the office or if she will retire.

Klundt is the son of Twyla Klundt, a former board member of the local anti-choice crisis pregnancy center Hope Pregnancy Ministries. Twyla Klundt resigned from Hope’s board after her son’s arrest.

Klundt has been jailed since he was arrested; he was charged of four felony counts of burglary, criminal mischief, theft, and attempted burglary. He plead not guilty on all counts.

According to KAJ News, the judge presiding over Thursday’s hearing said he will take the request “under advisement” and will make a decision at a later time.

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  • fiona64

    You have got to be kidding me. This guy is clearly a risk to society, and he thinks he should be released without bail pending trial? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Shan

      Just another little affluenza-afflicted turd. Probably thinks he’s some sort of hero.

  • jovan1984

    This terrorist needs to have his bond revoked.

  • Shannon Martinez

    He should have have the bond tripled for that asinine stunt m

  • Jennifer Starr

    Zachary’s mother Twyla is apparently buddy-buddy with Neo-Nazi April Gaede, mother of the infamous ‘Prussian Blue’ Twins. Her twins have renounced racism but their mom is still going strong, apparently, and she gives money to Hope Pregnancy Ministries. Wonderful associations these terrorists keep.

  • Willis Emerson

    Zero.. Okay, how about NO BAIL? That’s a form of zero, isn’t it? Might not be the zero he wants but it works for me.

  • Tim Coon

    The Klundts all need to be shot dead. The “Hope Pregnancy Ministries” forced birth terrorist office needs to be bombed with every single local forced birth terrorist inside, & finally, snipers need to start being put on the roofs of all of the clinics out there to start taking out these forced birth terrorists the next time they take another step towards any of these clinics.

    • Sharon Diehl

      A bit extreme, but I understand the sentiment. I am sick and tired of these goofball anti-choice anti-women fetus-idolaters.

  • ziggypop

    This man is seriously mentally ill and should never be on the streets again.

  • Dez

    The government really needs to keep investigating right wing domestic terrorism. It’s obvious that the “pro-life” movement is part of the bigger agenda of christian right extremists trying to impose their religion into our laws through violence and fear. They need to be stopped if we all want to preserve our rights and live in safety.

  • modera8

    How about setting his home on fire and then asking to be released from jail on a non-existent “bail”? See how he likes it. What a psychopath.

  • P. McCoy

    Pro lifers are Domestic Terrorists that belong in Federal prisons in solitary confinement and sued into pernury. Also churches that aid and abet terrorism should be stripped of their tax.exemptions and sued as well. Each person they harass at clinics should be able to sue the offending members as interfering with their right to obtaining medical treatment.

    • Arachne646

      Except for the solitary confinement part. No terrorists should be tortured, which prolonged solitary confinement is. Those who donate to those churches you mention, should be charged with supporting a terrorist organization themselves.

      This is never going to happen, of course, because, despite enforcement agencies like the FBI, saying far-right militia organizations are the biggest terror risk we face, their voting, far-right Christian America theocratic wing are an important voting bloc, and can’t be publicly dissed. In many primaries, the winner is the one who can anti-choice the bunch of them!