• fiona64

    I think this program is a good one. I grew up in Oregon, graduating from a rural high school a little more than 30 years ago. In high school, juniors and seniors were required to take a health class, and one day of the class was a lecture from a Planned Parenthood rep. She emphasized abstinence, but also gave a comprehensive talk on contraception. Parental opt-in was required. The father of one of the girls had a shit-fit and complained that the PP woman was “putting ideas in the heads of our kids.” He pulled his daughter out of class — the only student not permitted to attend, BTW..

    Guess whose daughter was walking through school pregnant later on? I’ll give you three tries, and the first two won’t count.

    News flash: the “ideas” are already there by the time kids get to high school. The smart thing is to teach them how to be responsible if they choose to act on said ideas.

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