• Dawn9476

    Like homeschooling and being against vaccines, home birth is something that is practiced by women on both sides of the political spectrum.

    • Arekushieru

      A couple of things, though:

      With the way they are currently practiced, homeschooling and home birth are primarily left up to the purview of women in the same way polygamy is *believed* to be ‘left up’ to the women involved and the same way FGM is left up to the women in their communities. Patriarchal institutions reinforce what they consider acceptable behaviour by rewarding women for making the choices they are given within their narrow frameworks. For home birth, not only are women taught that we must accept how our bodies are designed, with this purpose in mind, but also accept that this is how it should (always) be/have been. Then, following from that, we are given to believe that the natural thing is the only good thing to do, while downplaying anygi adverse effects that could be caused by doing something so ‘natural’. As a reward for giving birth to a live baby (whether or not the woman survives it) the woman is held up as the gold standard for everyone else to reach. In homeschooling, it is considered better if the woman is un(der)educated, because they can’t pass on ‘dangerous learning’ to the children they are teaching, especially females. As a reward these women may be given celebrity status or, at the very least, celebrated in many forms of media near and far, as if she is but a rare example of a dying breed. When the reverse is actually MORE true.

      As for opposing vaccines, I think many liberal women actually oppose keeping/making them mandatory. Because they realize it violates the fundamental rights of bodily autonomy and medical privacy. While conservative women oppose it on the basis of either religion or widespread misinformation.

  • Eliz7

    I have had 3 children born at home. I had my first baby in the hospital, and while it was not a terrible experience, the following 3 home births were a revelation. I feel great sadness for women who could give birth in a homely supportive situation, but who are afraid because of the scare propaganda that we see everywhere. I am glad that there are emergency back up resources available when they are occasionally needed. On the other hand, studies of home birthing program run by midwives shows an extremely low occurrence of caesarean section, infections, death, or other difficulties in comparison to hospital births.

    Another problem I see is the strange sexual mores of this society. Anything fun or messy is often looked at with disapproval. Sex can be fun and messy and birthing is all part of that. I have noticed, from experience, that the birth of a child can be the ultimate orgasm. Many people are shocked when I say that, but I have heard and read other women say that also. Sex and birth are sacred life processes that have been perverted by our culture into sensational, male dominated, money making prurience.

    Birthing as managed at home by skilled and loving women who understand explicitly what is happening has a much greater chance to be healthy and life affirming. I am glad for the support of caring men and glad for technical back up that is available through modern advances in medicine. But I totally reject the ignorance and greed of the money making mindset of pornography and profit driven hospital corporations that feed on sex and maternity “care”. There is so much to say about this, so, let’s talk.

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