• belgianchic

    I’m sorry, but how is discussing an option insulting to women? Yes, it’s very expensive and doesn’t address systematic inequalities. Most people are just trying to make it through their lives, and if a woman wants to freeze her eggs to advance her career, more power to her!

    • Arekushieru

      You missed the point. It’s not discussing an ‘option’, it’s making a blanket assumption. Just as it was the case for when a lawmaker suggested that all women need to learn to handle guns in order to prevent rape. it wasn’t discussing an option, but, rather, making a blanket assumption.

      • belgianchic

        only thats not what the article said at all. she said it was insulting because it didnt manage to fix systematic inequalities. this is obviously not a perfect world, and if this does manage to alleviate some stress for some women, its not insulting in the slightest to say that.

  • wildthang

    Perhaps considering having group marriage, several off each sex not the Patriarchal type could be useful for those who want to forgo child bearing for a career. Then they can share the families children or could even have an in family surrogate. It also would have the advantage of a more flexible parent to child ratio and more incomes and skill sets plus some to focus on home and family, male or female as they desire. Even have blended orientations in family as well as biodiversity of intimate relationship and less fears of abandonment and instant disasters. It would be a geodesic sort of family designed for strength in troubled times plus flexibility with contractually agreed right and protections.

  • Kris Weibel

    This is about workplace discrimination against women just because they can bear children. Yes, it is real and it exists.

  • Indus

    Why should employers held responsible for the loss of career growth and salary growth women experience due to their decision to have children. It is family decision and if the women deserves any form of repayment it should be from her partner.

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