• blfdjlj

    She visited my school two years ago and a riot ensued, with feminists lining up on both sides of the hallway and yelling at anyone who passed through. Needless to say, UPD was called in at some point.

    • lady_black

      What would be better would be if nobody came. Or someone pied her. I’m not particular.

      • blfdjlj

        Some group wants to invite her again… Maybe we should try your responses.

  • lady_black

    Serena Joy strikes again. Maybe one of these days, she’ll get that Wayback Machine working and go back to whatever century she comes from (my guess is the nineteenth century), or just drop dead. Either one would be good.

  • red_zone

    People like this are so out of touch with reality, it’s pathetic. I’d like to see how these women would fare if THEY were forced to live like the majority of women do in today’s economy. They’d waffle and run with their tails between their legs.

    • Lieutenant Nun

      I love how they say that feminism is just another version of communism/Marxism, and that feminism never ever helped anyone.

      • Ella Warnock

        Feminism has been successful. That’s exactly why they hate it so.

  • Charlotte Taft

    In the early 1980’s a wonderful feminist satirist wrote a song called, “I’d like to kick the L out of Shlafly!” When she spoke at the local college a small group of us from the local NOW chapter went. Every time she said ERA we stood up and clapped and cheered. It was the most fun way I can imagine to heckle someone without anyone being mad at us!

  • Dawn9476

    That first statement from her makes me rage.

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