South Carolina State Senator Compares Planned Parenthood to Hitler

After Planned Parenthood Health Systems released a poll finding that a majority of South Carolina voters oppose 20-week abortion bans once they understand the real-world reasons for seeking later abortion, state Sen. Mike Fair (R-Greenville) dismissed the poll’s findings and compared Planned Parenthood to Hitler.

“I have no more confidence in Planned Parenthood than I do in Adolf Hitler, if he were around, to ask about whether his signature is binding,” Fair said. “He would say, ‘Yeah, it is.’ It’s not, it wasn’t. He, by the way, had the same philosophy of Planned Parenthood and that is that some people deserve to live more than other people based on what the culture says.”

Conducted by Public Policy on behalf of Planned Parenthood, the poll asked voters in three state senate districts whether they would support access to abortion after 20 weeks, after informing them that such abortions are very rare (about 1 percent of all abortions) and often involve fetal anomalies.

South Carolina is currently pursuing a 20-week ban on abortion that would harm women who are seeking the procedure for medical reasons. The state’s stand-alone abortion clinics do not perform the procedure after 14 weeks, which means that only hospitals perform later abortions as it is. And since the bill only provides an exception to preserve the woman’s life, women whose long-term health is threatened, or who are carrying a fetus with fatal abnormalities, would not be able to access safe abortion care.

A majority of voters across party lines said that such bans are the wrong issue for legislators to be spending time on.

In Republican Sen. Ray Cleary’s district in Georgetown, 65 percent of respondents said that abortion should be legal after 20 weeks if a woman’s long-term health would be put at risk. In Columbia, which is represented by Senate President Pro Tempore John Courson (R), 67 percent of respondents said abortion should be legal after 20 weeks if the fetus is not yet viable, and the woman and her family should be able to determine that she should not continue her pregnancy due to her health and personal circumstances. Fifty percent of voters surveyed in Gaffney, in the district represented by Republican Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler, said abortion after 20 weeks should be legal in cases of rape or incest.

When asked about Sen. Fair’s Hitler comment, Melissa Reed, vice president of public affairs for Planned Parenthood Health Systems Action Fund, told RH Reality Check in an email, “Unlike Sen. Fair, we replace fear with facts, and misinformation with education.”

“Planned Parenthood believes, as do South Carolina voters, that the decision to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child is best left to a woman, her family and her faith—not her South Carolina legislator,” she said.

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  • radicalhw

    Didn’t Jon Stewart ask us as a society to stop comparing things we don’t like to Hitler?

    • Lieutenant Nun


    • Shan

      Comparing things we don’t like to Hitler is JUST LIKE HITLER!

    • red_zone

      This guy didn’t get the memo.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    “Planned Parenthood believes, as do South Carolina voters, that the decision to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child is best left to a woman, her family and her faith—not her South Carolina legislator,” she said.

    THIS. and keep repeating it again and again and again. Planned Parenthood provides fact-based information to its clients and respects their ability to take that information and make their own decisions.

  • Peatbogjeff

    There is a difference: Hitler killed millions in his concentration camps, spilled much blood in his mad escapades, but Planned Parenthood’s efforts to kill real human beings are not half-hearted, nor is America’s. About 1.3 utterly innocent unborn children are aborted each year, cut to bloody pieces with sharp, stainless steel instruments. The mountain of aborted children is over 50 million high, which means Planned Parenthood, which can only dream nightmares, has transcended Hitler.

    • Lieutenant Nun

      So if abortion were made illegal tomorrow, should all the women who have had abortions go to a Nurnberg style trial and be hanged the way the Nazis were?

      Like this:×220.jpg

      • blfdjlj

        One Taliban-esque leader of the religious right wanted Nuremberg trials for feminists who pushed for Roe v. Wade.

    • Shan

      “About 1.3 utterly innocent unborn children are aborted each year, cut to bloody pieces with sharp, stainless steel instruments.”

      When, exactly, are they cut to bloody pieces with those sharp, stainless steel instruments?

      • P. McCoy

        If my life was threatened, I ‘d be the first to bring my own sharp, stainless steel sterile instruments and excise the parasite from my body. Surgical procedures sometimes need surgical instruments. I am not committing suicide for a fetus, jeff, keep your irrational religious ravings of female death to yourself.

    • blfdjlj

      Please go and live in Auschwitz. Maybe that would open your mind to your fanaticism.

      “bloody pieces, sharp stainless instruments”? No, that’s absolutely not the case. Many early abortions are simply carried out by having the woman take some pills.

      • Peatbogjeff

        That claim is false, but let’s face facts: most abortions are committed later, and that is why we call it a surgical procedure. After 20 weeks, we have a child who can survive, and it has to be cut out of the once safe womb; sometimes the throat of the child is slashed, and one basic procedure calls for the doctor/ assassin to puncture the skull of the child so its brains can be sucked out…this makes it easier to crush the skull. Further on up the road, if other methods are chosen and fail, we have children who survive the procedure, and every time there are men like Kermit Gosnell ready and waiting to quite literally wring their necks. Many Gosnells today in this country did the same thing.

        Obama had the chance to twice vote against so-called “live birth abortions” but he was too preoccupied becoming the most pro-abortion president in history, and he began his career letting down our tiniest, most innocent people

        Abortion is satanic. Abortion is the unholy sacrifice that delights hell and horrifies heaven. Abortion is a truth you apparently think is about taking “some pills.” May God strike this down, and all the thinking that rationalizes this bloodshed with euphemism, deflection, and straightforward lying.

        We are so far in blood that sin will pluck on sin.

        • Mindy McIndy

          Over 90% of abortions are done in the first trimester, dear. The ones done later are for fetal abnormalities, or to save or preserve the health and/or fertility of the woman. Don’t believe everything Operation Rescue tells you.

        • blfdjlj

          “Most pro-abortion president”… what a complete joke. Obama has put abortion near the bottom of his priorities, unlike the Republicans who are passing abortion restrictions 24/7 in the states. As the other poster wrote, very few abortions are carried out past 20 weeks, and they’re done in serious health cases. Making abortion illegal is what leads to Kermit Gosnells. He flourished in a state which led the nation in imposing abortion restrictions.

          Also, unfortunately, I don’t believe in hell, heaven, God or sin. There is no reason for banning abortion due to what is essentially a religious argument.

          • Arekushieru

            I don’t believe in hell. Heaven and sin, I’m not so sure about, yet. I do believe in God. However, that last is not an argument to make abortion illegal. It would essentially be like saying that just because the Pro-Life contingent, as a whole, has more support and backing from the rest of our misogynistic society than the Pro-Choice side does, we should make abortion illegal, because saying that Christians should be able to decide whether abortion should be illegal only comes as a result of their privilege over other religious ideologies, as exemplified in Islamophobia.

            As for your point about Kermit Gosnell, I did not know that. THANKS for pointing that out. Now I realize why the legislators ignored warnings and complaints from the Pro-Choice side about his awful, horrible practices. Pro-‘life’ my ASS.

        • Lieutenant Nun

          Citation needed for all of that.

        • goatini

          Fetuses are not persons, are not citizens, have no rights, and are not “innocent”. Innocence requires sentience in order to be present.

          In America we do not erase citizens’ civil rights. Female US citizens have the civil, human and Constitutional right to obtain, without interference or obstruction, a safe, legal pregnancy termination.

          Women are persons, are citizens, and have inalienable civil, human and Constitutional rights. And we who have worked for decades for reproductive justice are sick and tired of all the forced-birther thinking that rationalizes the bald-face attempt to erase citizens’ rights with euphemism, deflection, and straightforward lying.

        • Mummel18000

          Could you please provide us with some source reference on all that? I can, to prove the opposite, but you go first. And is this much to argue about, since only 1.3 fetuses are aborted every year in the entire United States? (how did they make that 0.3 by the way?)

    • lady_black

      Fetal idolater has come to share it’s abortion porn with us. Most abortions are done with pills inducing a miscarriage. Followed closely by suction cannula abortions. So you can put your sharp, stainless steel instruments where the sun don’t shine, sweetheart.

      • Shan

        “So you can put your sharp, stainless steel instruments where the sun don’t shine, sweetheart.”

        I think that’s what he’s happily imagining is happening to women who have abortions.


        • lady_black

          I am not responsible for it’s masturbatory fantasies.

          • Shan

            Of course. I’m sure it started without us.

    • lady_black

      By the way, Hitler ALSO 1) outlawed abortion and contraceptives, and 2) established Aryan breeding facilities. So…

      • Mindy McIndy

        He also performed forced abortions on women who were in concentration camps that were raped by the SS guards. This happened to my Babcia.

        • red_zone

          I am SO sorry. I had relatives who died in the camps and my father told me while growing up, every time the phone rang or they got a telegram, my grandmother would cry because she just received news that someone died. A relative. A neighbor. A friend. By the war’s end, their large table was covered with yahrzeit candles.

          • Mindy McIndy

            We lost most of my dad’s relatives to the Nazis. No one was left on my Babcia’s side, and only my Dziadzia, his brother, his father, and a couple cousins on his side. Amazingly, they wouldn’t kill my great grandfather because he was a beloved composer and the Nazis loved his music- there is even a monument in his name in Warsaw square. My mom’s side of the family got out of Poland in the early 1900s, so they were lucky, but most of my older relatives on my dad’s side aren’t relatives at all, but friends they made when they were in the concentration camps. My Babcia and Dziadzio even met while they were in Auschwitz together.

          • Shan

            And idiots like Fair have the gall to compare ANYTHING to the Nazis.

          • Mindy McIndy

            People who do that are inexcusable. Comparing abortion to the Holocaust rattles me, the same way it rattles me when people say that the Nazis were a bunch of homosexuals. I am gay and had gay family members raped and murdered by Nazis because of the fact that they were gay. People really are just horrible.

          • red_zone

            Blessings on them and may they be remembered this Passover.

          • Mindy McIndy

            Thank you. My family wasn’t Jewish- just members of the Polish resistance, but what they did to help the Jews before they were captured was so heroic and commendable, and Jews will always have a special place in my heart because of that.

          • goatini

            My family wasn’t Jewish either, but my Dad was sent to a camp when the Nazis invaded Lithuania. Many non-Jews suffered, starved, and died alongside Jews in the camps – it didn’t make any difference to those who ran the camps.

          • Mindy McIndy

            My family could have probably stayed out of the camps if they toed the line and just let the Nazis do their thing, but they couldn’t in good conscience do that so they joined the Resistance. When my Babcia was caught, she was on a train carrying important documents. Nazis boarded the train and said that they knew someone with these documents was on the train, and they would kill everyone on board if that person didn’t come forward. So she stood up and went with them. They took her back to her home, killed her whole family in front of her, and sent her off to Auschwitz. That’s where she met my Dziadzia.

            I knew my Babcia, Dziadzia and Ciocia Vanja (who really wasn’t my aunt, but became an aunt because she met my grandparents in the camps and since most of her family was killed as well, she just became part of our family.) I heard their horror stories before they died. When my Babcia was in the throes of dementia, she thought she was back in Auschwitz. Having people idiotically call abortion a Holocaust incenses me. Like you, some of my family survived the Holocaust, and abortion is no Holocaust.

    • Lieutenant Nun

      So should every woman who has aborted be hung by the neck until dead for their genocidal crimes?

      Yes or no sweetie

    • goatini

      Egads, more fetus fetishist fap gore. Was it good for you? Want a cigarette?

    • L-dan

      Wow…you’re implying that fetuses are real human beings, while those in the concentration camps were not. I have no words for this shit.

      • goatini

        Yes, so very offensive. A blastocyst is a “person”, but my Dad was not.

    • red_zone

      Do you have any comprehension of how completely disproportionate your claim is? To say nothing of the fact that it is totally lacking in basic decency and compassion for the actual lives that were ended in those camps and the actual torture they suffered that defy all reason? Loaded in train cars, stripped of all they own, from the clothes on their backs to their hair. Mothers having their actual babies and toddlers-who were fully human, born and living- ripped from their arms and callously thrown into furnaces? These same now grieving mothers, who were most often later gassed then cremated themselves? Those who survived were branded like animals, forced to work in the camps, which included disposing of the bodies of their friends, families and neighbors after they were killed?

      They were living, breathing human beings. Stripped of all dignity, of their basic rights as human beings. I had relatives who died in those camps. There were actual tears shed over them.

      You would diminish and devalue the lives of living human beings with such a false comparison? You wail like a pathetic little wretch over zygotes- that feel no pain</i. and are in no way dismembered- and make fallicious claims, while dimissing one of the most brutal and vicious systematic genocides in recent history?

      You cry for mercy and compassion, but you possess none yourself for the living nor for those who actually suffered and are suffering now. Is this some kind of twisted thinking? That maybe if you try to stop abortion, you’ll become a ‘better person’? Are you really doing this to ‘save babies’? Or are you looking to save yourself?

      Because I have to tell you right now… you’re doing a damned lousy job of it.