• Dan Kennedy

    First mistake is designating Planned Parenthood part of “family planning safety net.” There is no “safety net” for developing human beings in Planned Parenthood’s involvement.

    • Brightwater

      Are you not aware that PP offers prenatal care? Not to mention treatment for infertility. However, not in Texas, thanks to people like you.

    • lady_black

      Planned Parenthood helps women plan their “developing human beings” at the optimal time, and spends a good bit of it’s funding diagnosing and treating fertility-robbing STIs. They are the nation’s leader in family planning.

    • http://batman-news.com Mummel18000

      There is definitely a safety net for the women involved, but as this excellent piece of exposing GOPers lies shows, women has never been important to republicans.

    • HeilMary1

      Mother killer you plans women’s deaths and injuries on behalf of pedophile priests.

    • fiona64

      Yet another demonstration of how easy it is to be an anti-choice male, waving a big dumb paw in the air and pronouncing on how much risk a woman should be forced to assume … risks that the owner of the big dumb paw will never face himself.
      The vast majority of Planned Parenthood’s work is well-woman visits, contraception, etc., to the most underprivileged populations. It’s far more dangerous to gestate and deliver than it is to terminate a pregnancy, Danny-boy … even more-so if you can’t get prenatal care … which is also provided by PP.

    • BJ Survivor

      You are woefully misinformed. I obtained ab abortion through a private doctor when I was a minor, under my mother’s health insurance. When I became an adult, I turned to Planned Parenthood, because they offered sliding-scale services for well-woman care and STD screening, which were my only health issues at that age. When I went to my appointments, there were many women there for pre-natal care and many for well-baby care.

      Because I wasn’t making shit for cash, PP provided me with first a diaphragm, then a cervical cap, free of cost (I am one of those women who experiences terrible side effects on hormonal contraception). When I obtained gainful employment and had great health insurance, my contraception had already been taken care of by PP. Later, when a recession hit and I was again under-employed and making shit for cash, I obtained an IUD, also free of charge. Around this time, an acquaintance of mine had her embedded IUD removed by a PP nurse practitioner so that she could conceive her very much wanted child.

      In short, Planned Parenthood has only ever helped me to avoid unintended pregnancy and abortion, which is the case for a vast number of my friends and acquaintances. Planned Parenthood provides the full spectrum of care needed and requested by its patients.

    • goatini

      Planned Parenthood provides pre-natal medical care for actual living breathing pregnant women.

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