• billfalls

    Very helpful article, but describing the difference between “become pregnant” and “have a baby” as a typo seems unfair. A typo is an inadvertent slip on the keyboard. In this case the ACA website actually had incorrect information. Yes, Louisiana should have looked beyond that one glossary entry before changing their rules, but let’s not use slanted language to make their error seem worse.

    • Alexandros Agelastos

      a typo is not worse than a deliberate switch in terms, thus a perversion of the law. its the other way around. A typo is an honest mistake. This was not.

    • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

      There is no way to make it seem worse because it is already intolerable. Republicans include pregnant women in their War on Women.

    • Renee Goodwin

      Considering that the testimony of LA happened before the official launch of the website, how could they take what they saw, assuming the site hadn’t been hacked, as truth?

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