• fiona64

    And yet the anti-choicers who post here would have us believe that they’re all a bunch of peaceful, grandmotherly types.

    This is terrorism, pure and simple.

    • five_by_five

      More peaceful than murdering 1,200,000 babies per year.

      But let’s ignore that.

      • red_zone

        Your personal view on abortion does not equate to fact. These acts only make those who do them look even more selfish and uncaring towards the well-being of families and those who are living RIGHT NOW.

        Stop pretending you care about them. You don’t care

      • Göran Lund

        How come you are so disturbed by the fact that women actually have a chance of ruling their lives? Nobody likes abortions as “pro lifers” often claim; we want everyone to have a choice. You, on the other hand, do not want women to have that freedom. To the average “pro lifer” women are livestock. And that is disgusting, just as disgusting as the action described above.

        • HeilMary1

          Priests raping millions of unwanted kids and fetuses maiming and murdering millions of women every year doesn’t bother psychopath 5×5.

        • Jen

          To the average so-called “pro-lifer”, women are certainly NOT livestock. Should a heifer’s life be put at risk by a difficult delivery, a rancher will sacrifice a viable, full-term calf without a second thought to save her. These people will happily sacrifice a healthy woman for a dead or dying fetus – without a second thought.

          Sorry, but women will have to come up a LONG way to be considered as valuable as a breeding cow to these people.

      • cjvg

        Dismissing the actual (quality of) life of the girl/woman in question, to benefit a life that might be is vile. Concern for life is not a real position unless it includes the actual life already present. A potential life is not a life, it is a potential!·

        I cannot define twilight, but that does not mean that I cannot tell the difference between night and day.*
        Your perceived inability to draw a line should no more disable you from making moral judgments about a fetus not the equivalent of a living woman.

        It is a well-known fact that about half of fertilized eggs don’t implant. However there is not one iota of concern for all those billions of
        “abortions”. The pro-life begins at conception a fertilized egg is a human has not shown even a flicker of interest in preventing this unprecedented massacre of innocent children dying!

        Apparently pro-life groups have no concern at all for all these dying unborn babies as long as long as there is not a woman involved who is desperate not to be pregnant anymore.

        No calls to increase research into the cause of this massacre, or even a bit of political pressure, not a peep.

        This indifference to these dying “children” clearly illustrates that the
        oft touted claim of the anti-choice crowd that they truly believe a fertilized
        egg or a zygote is the moral equivalent of a born human being, is a lie!

        If you still have trouble with the placement of your concern for life of a fetus and the concern for the life of those humans actually sentient and aware, you should check out some battered women shelters, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, Alzheimer’s daycare centers, a day at juvenile court , guardians ad litem, and actually protect a life for a change.

        * full disclosure, I read this quote somewhere but it is oddly appropriate!

      • Jennifer Starr

        No one’s murdering babies.

      • fiona64

        If you know of anyone who is murdering babies, please call your local law enforcement office. Infanticide is a crime.

  • hypgnosis

    This form of terrorism cannot be allowed to be a successful vehicle to cutting women off from their right to make their own medical decisions. I hope this clinic, and enough others to serve the countless patients who need one and do not have access, can be opened.

  • expect_resistance

    I hope they prosecute Zachary to the fullest extent of the law.

    • HeilMary1

      And his accomplice “5×5″.

      • P. McCoy

        These acts of terrorism should be brought to the attention of. Homeland Security and the culprits and any groups supporting them should be fined to help pay for the damages as well as punished with solitary confinement in military prisons.

      • expect_resistance

        I’ve had it with 5×5. I usually don’t flag comments but I’m starting to flag his abusive crap. I’m so sick of it. Plum dumpling wants to stop posting here because of him and I’m fed up too.

        • Jennifer Starr

          Fed up as well. I’m going to stop feeding it–it tries to hijack each post and attempting conversation with it just goes round in circles and accomplishes nothing.

          • expect_resistance

            I’m surprised 5×5 hasn’t been banned yet for abusive behavior. Like I said I don’t usually flag comments but I’ve had enough. 5×5’s behavior is abusive and we shouldn’t stand for it anymore.

          • King Rat

            It won’t answer ansuz’ question either. After ze has repeatedly asked it. Proof that shit is not here for honest debate.

          • King Rat


            You only made yourself, and the pro-abort crowd, look like a bunch of psychopaths.

            Now that I’m banned from RHRC (thanks), I’ll spend most of my time linking your blog and RHRC on pro-life sites.

            Have fun with the new commentors.

            You can ban me now. I’m done here.

            10:37 p.m., Monday March 10


            It stalked Plum to her blog.

          • Jennifer Starr

            Can you give me the link? This person is obsessive/insane.

          • King Rat

            It was on Plum’s blog. Ask her – she banned shit before I could read all of the comments it had made.

            Shit is subscribed to the threads it posted in, so ask Plum someplace else.

          • King Rat

            When I was banned, I still got email updates.

        • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

          Thank you for caring. I have been tolerant of 5×5 for awhile. My tolerance is gone now.

          • expect_resistance

            Thanks Plum. I don’t know if you saw my response in another thread but please don’t leave. You are awesome and I would really miss you. :)

        • Ramanusia

          Flag him, and point out his lies. He just makes himself AND his cause look foolish with the utter stupidity that makes up his posts.

      • anja

        …and the CPC if there’s any trace of involvement or incitement to the attack.

  • MT.Orvisjunky

    As a client / patient of Susan Cahill I hope that she stays in business and continues the great work she (and her staff) provide.
    A young man with a concealed pistol and extra magazine who did that type of damage (to that extent) as well as taking files (confidential patient records ?) should be tried as a domestic terrorist. What he did shows hate, was to instill fear (terror), and affect the economic ability of a professional.
    A point that I would like to make, Susan Cahill does not run an “abortion clinic”. This is poor journalism. This place is a family health clinic. That procedure is only one small part of the entire practice. That is akin to saying KRMC is a morgue.
    As a man, I am disgusted that I can have a vasectomy as easy as getting a beer, but women still do not have rights to their bodies….as a poster stated in her office, if men could become pregnant, birth control would be mandatory (or something like that)… Stay strong Susan, more of the community is with you, than those sick people whom are against you….

    • expect_resistance

      He should be tried as a domestic terrorist. This IS domestic terrorism.

      • HeilMary1

        Imagine the public outcry if female antis vandalized the offices of urologists for their “baby snipping” vasectomies!

    • anja

      This is most definitely domestic terrorism and a hate crime. A crime that doesn’t just effect the clinic and it’s owner/employees but one that may have dire effects on a vast multitude of people relying on the clinics valuable services. I hope they prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and institute new laws protecting clinics, employees, and patrons.

  • azsenjigal

    I think they spelled her name wrong.

  • azsenjigal

    This is despicable and the act of some sub-human depraved creature who has NO COMPASSION for those who are suffering.
    The irony is that these same people who state that they abhor abortion also CAMPAIGN AGAINST BIRTH CONTROL which would mean far fewer unwanted pregnancies and also far fewer abortions.
    This makes no sense whatsoever but the thing is that these people NEVER MAKE SENSE, they take a WARPED VIEW of the world and project it on to other people.

    I say they SHOULD MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS and stay out of the REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS of others.

    Perhaps the best solution would be to delve deeper into the backgrounds of these people because far too often they have something shameful in their own pasts to HIDE.

    One woman in my city, who was rabidly anti-abortion and verbally attacked any of us who speak out in favor of women’s rights and pro CHOICE, was embarrassed when an old friend from her younger days returned to town and revealed that she had had TWO abortions in her late teens – one while her young husband was serving overseas. Since then she has been completely silent about the subject.

    • red_zone

      It’s all about control. that’s it.

    • HeilMary1

      Exactly! We need to shame them over their secret abortions that hide their adulteries, etc. If they can have abortions, so can we. The RCC’s next sex scandal are all the abortions forced on priests’ mistresses.

    • http://batman-news.com Mummel18000

      “This is despicable and the act of some sub-human depraved creature who has NO COMPASSION for those who are suffering.”
      To me that sounds you are describing an average pro lifer…

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