• anja

    These are not most definitely not “religious liberty” bills but “right to discriminate” or “right to enforce one’s religious beliefs on another” bills. Both are atrocious ideas and do noting but drag us back to a darker bigoted America that we’ve been working so hard to escape from for the last 50 years. Do we really want to go back to a segregated America and morality officers rounding up what is not in religious fashion? I sure don’t.

    • P. McCoy

      Even the playing field then, start discriminating against them see how the like it. Imagine owning a coffee shop and seeing some Catholics ordering fish this Friday and you the owner come up to the table and say” we don’t serve members of the Catholic Church, they discriminate against Gays, and women as well as defend the sex crimes of their clergy by rationalizing their crimes by saying that a few doesn’t make all guilty. Well, it does if you defend the pope not declaring that the whole church is guilty. Get up and leave, we don’t want your business, can’t take the food, don’t come back or we will have the police arrest you. ” They WOULD go running to the Supreme Court braying about what an anti Catholic bigot that you are. In a heartbeat.

      • anja

        The problem with that solution is that the Catholic Church and other religious bigots have the legal & judicial systems in their pockets so the actions you suggest would get you sued, fined, and jailed if not lynched, yet they want the equivalent actions to be acceptable & legal.
        Probably the best solution would be to ban ALL religious influence from government and (probably) public life.

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