• Renee Goodwin

    Unless, and until every teen in America gets good, factual sex education, we need to keep calling sex without a condom, unsafe sex. Teens in states without factual sex education have much higher levels of untreated STDs, and not just from regular intercourse, quite a few STDs can be spread by oral sex, but because the teens/kids are not taught that, they mistakenly believe that they are having “safe” sex.

  • Max Vincent

    You can call unprotected sex without a condom whatever you want to call it. You can call it parachuting. You can call it riding the rapids. You can call it making biscuits. You can call it fishing without a license. It is what it is: risky behavior for anyone who does not know their HIV status. As someone who has been working with folks with HIV/AIDS since the mid-80s, I have literally seen it all. I have been involved since GRID, since Rock Hudson was alive, since before the AIDS quilt was an idea, since the red ribbon used to be used only to tie up a girl’s hair. I was in the trenches when guys were on the client list for 6 months max. I’ve been here since the only trainings were the Red Cross trainings. Way before most of you, even most of you CDC experts and the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance folks were involved with your respective agencies. Hell, I was with the AFC in Chicago and there WAS no Justice Alliance. And yes–while acknowledging the landscape has changed, you are trying to pacify too many people at once. You are trying to placate too many folks and forgetting where you came from. You folks need to take a big step back and realize that you are wading in muddy water. You’re giving in to a particular population who is getting what from this proclamation? Condomless sex? Really? I always expected better from the AFC and anyone affiliated with them. I guess I need to check myself and figure out why it is that I expect so much from you. Perhaps it is MY standards that have been set too high and maybe, in light of your announcement, I need to lower them more than quite a bit.

  • http://notb4weknow.blogspot.com/ theszak

    The STRATEGY: BEFORE sex get tested TOGETHER for A VARIETY OF STDs then make an INFORMED decision. google “tested together”

  • Myra

    Condoms don’t just protect from HIV, they provide protection from chlamydia and other STIs and unwanted pregnancy. Studies in Australia are showing that people using PrEP aren’t passing on HIV, but with more unprotected sex chlamydia and unwanted pregnancies are going up again.
    Condoms = protected sex. No condoms = unprotected sex. Call a spade a spade.

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