• Rdzkz

    What? Like none of the NotreDame players have girlfriend?. Boycott ND games.

    • P. McCoy

      There needs to be a concerted effort to detanglelize the pernicious influence of the Catholic Church over various spheres of influence, hospitals, orphanageso , levels of educationetc;in this society . I am more convinced than ever that if instead of unfettered freedom of religion, that instead the United States had enacted Penal laws like Great Britain had done, the Catholic Church would not have its powerful influences upon this country. These people would have immigrated to Catholic countries and with the United States, more Protestant oriented,and Fundamentalists could have circumscribed accordingly we would be like Canada where abortion is a done deal and slurs against LGBT people is a hate crime and subsequently dealt with harshly.

  • lady_black

    Let’s get this straight. Nobody’s religion requires that they stop a woman from getting contraceptives from a third party. Even Catholics. If they don’t want to dispense birth control pills in the student health center, I get that. I don’t agree, but I do understand. Trying to keep a third party from dispensing or paying for birth control is inflicting harm on another person’s religious rights. NOT NICE OR LEGAL, Notre Dame.

    • HeilMary1

      Notre Dame hopes nobody remembers provost Fr. James Burtchaell, who made all women’s birth control his business, never mind that he was RAPING THEIR KIDS. He made his fame shaming women who refused to injure themselves and their marriages by breeding fresh victims for him. Notre Dame deserves to have this mother-killing pig’s unholy conflict of interest flung onto its law suit.

      http://articles . latimes . com/1991-12-07/entertainment/ca-613_1_notre-dame

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