• P. McCoy

    Thanks for the kind words. We are all interlinked because when one group is deprived of rights we can all be. Putin’s Russia not only brutalizes LGBT people but anyone else who isn’t lily White as well. We must get a progressive choice in the Supreme Court.

  • Jennifer Jonsson

    To say that the jury “effectively acquitted” Michael Dunn is completely inaccurate. The jury stated it could neither convict him nor acquit him of an offense for which he was charged. That is not an “acquittal.” What it most likely means is a new trial on that charge. It’s the prosecutor’s job to charge a defendant with something that the prosecution can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If it failed to do so, blame the prosecutor, not the jury. And don’t forget that the jurors don’t see what we see. They see what the judge allows them to see, and they don’t get to read the news stories and hear the analyses that the media present during the trial. Jurors may be ignorant, but they aren’t stupid. Second-guessing them is stupid. If you weren’t in the room with them, you don’t know.

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