Gosnell Clinic Employee Sentenced to Six to 12 Years

For five years, Steven Massof worked with Kermit Gosnell, the rogue abortion doctor who earlier this year was convicted of first-degree murder for killing babies born alive in his West Philadelphia clinic. On Wednesday, Massof was sentenced to six to 12 years for his role in the “house of horrors.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

The judge credited Massof’s decision to plea guilty to two counts of third-degree murder and testify against Gosnell but called what happened at the clinic “unspeakably horrible.”

“As evil as Dr. Gosnell was, as charismatic as he may have been, he didn’t do this alone,” Lerner said. “He couldn’t do this without the assistance of someone like you.”

“I don’t know how it started,” the 51-year-old Massof, voice cracking as he forced down a sob, told the judge.

Massof worked as a bartender and cook before he started working for Gosnell in 2003, according to the Gosnell case grand jury report. He was not licensed to practice medicine, though he had a degree obtained from a school in Granada, in the West Indies.

Massof had passed some tests to become a doctor in the United States, but wasn’t able to find a residency when he began working for Gosnell. He earned $300 each six-day work week, and received $30 bonuses for each second- and third-trimester abortion patient. Patients knew him as “Dr. Steve.”

When he testified against Gosnell last year, Massof notoriously told the jury, “It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place.”

Gosnell’s procedures did not resemble safe, legal abortion. He would load women up with a cocktail of drugs that would both send them into a stupor and cause their uteruses to contract and expel its contents. As the jury determined last year, at least three babies were born alive and then killed by a procedure Gosnell referred to as “snipping,” which entailed severing the spinal cord with scissors.

Massof admitted that he may have “snipped” up to 100 babies in the neck. He pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree murder. He left Gosnell’s clinic in 2008. According to his LinkedIn profile, he went on to work at a call center, listing his previous employment with Gosnell as “physician in training.”

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  • Cactus

    Good to see that this story continues to be followed. What Gosnell and his employees did was evil and doesn’t represent pro-choicers at all.
    One small mistake in here, though: Grenada is the Caribbean island nation where Massof trained. Granada is a province in southern Spain.