• HeilMary1

    This creep probably has sex scandals, forced abortions and abandoned kids also in his skeleton closet. And I wonder if he defended pedophile / clinic bomber Curtis Anton Beseda?

    • Mirable

      I recently read about beseda. The guy groped an 11 year old girl in a mall.

  • goatini

    “The lawyer and self-styled anti-choice crusader calls surrogacy a ‘terrible practice’ that ‘shouldn’t even be considered by rational people'”

    Which reminds me… while listing to Catholic radio over the weekend, I heard some nasty old bat talking about how surrogacy is a “grave sin”. What a huge, steaming load of vicious misogynist BS.

    – Surrogacy (willing woman being compensated) = GRAVE SIN
    – Gestational slavery (actually, torture, according to the UN), forced birth, and seizure and sale of issue (unwilling woman being exploited without compensation) = HOLY DEED

    Proving, once AGAIN, that forced-birth is NOT “pro-life” by any measure – it’s ONLY about torture, exploitation, and brainwashing with false “blame” and “shame”.

  • JamieHaman

    Can’t run his own life, or run his own money, wants to run every woman in the worlds uterus, health, family size, and her money. I’ll pass.

    If his money situation is this bad, what else is this bad?

  • L-dan

    “In Cassidy’s view, that “right” is connected to what he sees as an
    intrinsic bond between a woman and her children, especially her fetus.
    “Really there is no chance of having an informed, voluntary waiver of
    this fundamental right until the baby is born,” Cassidy said in that TV

    Right. We need to protect a non-existent bond, regardless of whether either of the people involved wants that bond. This also ignores the many people who already have children who are seeking abortion. But I suppose he’d argue that each mother-child bond is different, and you can’t possibly decline it, no matter what.

    Does he use this argument to pick up dates too? “You really can’t have an informed opinion on the bond we might have until you give me a chance and date me. Since you can’t waive that fundamental right without being fully informed, I’ll pick up at 8:00.”

    • Mirable

      There was a highly offensive article/quote on LSN the other day:

      “”“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited,” Anne Buchanan once said.””

      Seriously? Sure..if you want it. But just because you’re born with a uterus, it doesn’t automatically follow that being ‘inhabited’ is fucking wonderful. Honestly, why do pro-lifers always sound so goddamn rapey?

      • L-dan

        I can believe that someone with a wanted pregnancy would feel this way. Why is it so hard for people to believe that not everyone feels the same way about everything?

      • Jennifer Starr

        They think that if they can make it impossible to get a legal abortion and force all women to carry their pregnancies to term, that most women will give up and simply accept their roles as ‘happy broodmares’.

        • goatini

          Not “happy”. Obedient.

        • Mirable

          BTW, the ‘inhabited’ comment immediately made me think of the Alien movies. I do believe that the concept was based on what it would feel like to be used as a life support by another organism. To essentially be raped, and forced to give birth to something in a violent and bloody fashion. The hope, I think, was to try to communicate how that would feel – to men.

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