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    Thanks for the information about ” Montana Blocked From Defending Parental Involvement Laws”, thanks for the shared post….

  • Renee Goodwin

    That bill to make a pregnant minor get a signed and notarized paper from a parent not only was unconstitutional, it was cruel, I can just imagine some poor victim of incest trying to get her rapist or her mother that ignored the abuse to sign a paper for her

    • RNfromNY

      The right wing likes to point out that girls in that situation can usually appeal to a judge to override those laws. Can you imagine that, expecting a teen girl to have the courage to stand in court and ask permission from a judge, and having the resources and know-how to navigate the system to get there in the first place? If they were that privileged and savvy, they probably wouldn’t be pregnant in the first place. These girls are vulnerable, and we should aid and protect them, not subject them to further scrutiny and humiliation.

      • Renee Goodwin

        And many judges would probably say no, since many of them are from the same generation/mindset of the folks that are passing these unfair laws

      • V. K. Kroe

        All of this would be a moot point if men could get pregnant. Abortion clinics would have discount membership cards & pay-per-view in the procedure rooms.

        Female rights regarding sexual & reproductive issues will always be a debatable issue as long as we have conflict of interests between genders, and religious institutions fighting hard to maintain that inequality.

      • fiona64

        And that assumes that a) the judge is not him/herself anti-choice and b) getting on the docket in a timely fashion — neither of which are a given.

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