• Cindy Casey Holman

    Lyme Disease is known to be sexually transmitted in canines. Syphilis, a similar spirochetal infection is known to be readily sexually transmitted in humans. The prevalence of Lyme Disease in canines and humans is on a rapid increase. So yeah…I certainly do think these preliminary findings are of great significance. In fact I would hope that the nation’s health organizations, CDC in particular, would lead further investigation. Currently there is no accurate diagnostic test for Lyme Disease and over 50% of cases are missed. It’s extremely important for accurate testing to be developed as well further investigation into modes of transmission.

  • DorothyLeland

    “They could well have been bitten by the same tick,” is a statement that lacks knowledge of how ticks transmit disease. They take a blood meal ONCE during each of the three stages of their life cycle (larval, nymphal, adult). After engorging on your blood, they fall off and won’t feed again until they have progressed to their next stage.

  • vforba

    There is also evidence that it can be passed in utero.

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