• Sharon Diane

    Those of us on government payments don’t have a chance to self-identify. We get what the computer says we are. Social Security requires surgery ($20,000) before they will change gender marker. My psychiatrist says I have met all the requirements for gender transition but, that’s not good enough. It has to come from a surgeon saying that a “procedure” has been preformed between my legs. Never mind my name change, breast implants and living full time. New York even provided me with a new birth certificate with my new name but, sadly, they to won’t change that one letter from M to F without changing my crotch. I can get a correct passport but not a NC driver’s license. Go figure. How about making gender marker change requirements an action-item for 2014? Or maybe get Medicare coverage to correct what I consider a birth defect.

    If you need a warm body for any reason, just let me know. My U.S. Senator’s aid for Medicare issues has told me that Medicare has told her (on two separate occasions) that surgery is covered but won’t tell her how. Again, go figure. If you need a fighter for a test case, you’ve got one!

    • disqus_ok9xndxFPu

      What’s worse, many people who were assigned the wrong gender at birth don’t want to, or physically cannot, go through the surgery. I know one girl who has a couple medical issues resulting from cerebral palsy, and surgeons have agreed that she would likely die or be left permanently incontinent were she to receive corrective genital surgery. She’s so desperate to be able to legally identify as female that she is considering visiting an unethical Thai doctor she heard of.

      • Sharon Diane

        Actually, there are many excellent Thai gender docs in Phucket. Lots of M-t-F woman have reported wonderful results at about 1/2-2/3 the cost of U.S. docs. And that includes airfare!

        • disqus_ok9xndxFPu

          Oh, I didn’t mean you can’t find a wonderful doctor in Thailand! I meant that she happens to have heard of a doctor in Thailand who will perform the surgery despite the fact that she’ll be left incontinent and in constant pain at best, and likely will die. I do know a couple girls who have great results from surgeries performed in Thailand, but the reputable ones would not perform surgery on this particular girl because its simply not safe.

          • Sharon Diane

            And some people still think that gender conformational surgery is a choice. How can that be when the desire is that strong? I sincerely wish all the best for your friend.

    • Lois Simmons

      Hi Sharon Diane, I changed my legal name, including the name on my Social Security card 13 months ago. At that time, evidence of surgery was required by SSA to change the gender marker. That policy was changed in May 2013 so there would be consistency between SSA policy and State Department policy, which did not require evidence of surgery to use your preferred gender marker on your passport.

      I went back to my local Social Security office and had to school them on the new policy (6 months after it was implemented!). But the clerk checked with a supervisor and five minutes later they processed my gender change without another hitch.

      My Obamacare application also reads F, and I very much wanted everything consistent because I will be eligible for Medicare in less than 4 years.

      • Sharon Diane

        Lois –

        REALLY?!?! Could you give me some clues how to approach the SSA? Anything at all would be most appreciated. Here in NC they might not be up to speed.

        Sincerely -

        - Sharon

        • Lois Simmons

          Hi Sharon,
          A couple of days ago, I attempted to post a detailed list of instructions on what you can do to make the process easier with SSA. RH chose not to post it. I don’t know if it was for content (I included the SSA web address). Or maybe it was too long. A condensed version would be for you to go the Social Security web site, fill out the SS-5 form, search for gender and read the FAQ on how to change your gender with Social Security, print that out and have it with you, then click on the link for identity and follow it so you can find out what they will accept as proof of identity.

          I didn’t want you to think I had ignored your request. I would send you the more detailed instructions if I knew how I could get them to you. I don’t know if e-mail addresses can be included in a post.

          I hope it works out for you,

          • Sharon Diane

            I got everything I need! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  • Tom Was Saying

    The medical establishment will soon address the denial of White Genocide.

    Flooding ALL & ONLY White countries with non-Whites and telling everyone to “assimilate” to create a “brown future” is White genocide.

    Africa will still be full of Africans.

    Asia will still be full of Asians.

    Read the UN genocide conventions: Targeting a group for harm or destruction is GENOCIDE even if done through social engineering.

    • crash2parties

      Thanks for the attempted thread-jacking. You do realize that trans people come in every skin color, right? Or are you too busy trying to promote your own cause to realize that while the story is about the medical establishment, it’s not all about you?

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