• HeilMary1

    My mom would have sent me to a Magdalene Laundry if there had been any near Baltimore or Philly. And she would have volunteered as guard.

  • lioness

    There were “girl’s homes” scattered all throughout the US that used classic brainwashing techniques to separate pregnant young women from their babies, even though the harm it caused mothers and newborns was known at the time. When’s America going to talk about them?

    • HeilMary1

      I suspect Catholic hospitals here also stole babies, especially twins, as they did in Spain and Ireland. There is a local DC area actress who sounds like me (all my Irish female relatives sound identical) and who looks like my older sister (and me if mom hadn’t disfigured me). Wonder if she was snatched by nuns from our family? Haven’t been able to find her birthplace or birthday, but occasional WaPo stage review pictures of her are very Twilight Zony.

      • Nora Lennon-Huston

        Heilmary, I just wondered why you say specifically twins were stolen. do you have any information to say twins in particular were stolen?

    • jimm58

      When the lure of the catholic church’s money no longer corrupts politicians. Remember Chris Christie’s last-minute about-face regarding granting equal rights to adoptees? The catholic church has profited obscenely from “adoption” – child trafficking – and they’ve committed some very horrendous acts in order to preserve that income stream. Nothing Christian about their tactics at all!

  • fiona64

    It wasn’t just young women who were pregnant; it was also girls who were “wild” or “too pretty.” It was horrific beyond words. I’ve done some studying ever since I first heard about these laundries a couple of decades ago.

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