Anti-Choice Senate Candidate Ken Buck on Having Cancer: ‘I Wanted To Be in Control of … My Body’

Appearing on a Denver radio station Monday, Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck compared pregnancy with his recent battle with cancer.

“Yes, I am ‘pro-life,’” Buck told KLZ talk-show host Randy Corporon on his Wake Up show. “While I understand a woman wants to be in control of her body—it’s certainly the feeling that I had when I was a cancer patient, I wanted to be in control of the decisions that were made concerning my body—there is another fundamental issue at stake. And that’s the life of the unborn child. And I hold that life dear and precious and believe we have to do everything we can to protect the life of the unborn.”

Buck, who lost a tight race to Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) in 2010, is leading a crowded field of Republicans vying to take on pro-choice Democrat Mark Udall in November.

In a December Public Policy Polling survey, Buck was the choice of 45 percent of GOP voters. His closest GOP competitor, state Sen. Randy Baumgardner (R-Hot Sulphur Springs), garnered 8 percent in the poll.

In 2010, Buck became known for repeatedly discussing his opposition to all abortion, including in cases of rape or incest. In one radio interview, he expressed his opposition to abortion for a girl raped by her teen brother.

Political observers agree that the votes of suburban women cost Buck a U.S. Senate seat in 2010, and Buck’s strong anti-choice positions are seen as a key reason women turned away from him, as well as his statements on other social issues.

Asked to respond to Buck’s radio comments, Karen Middleton, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, told RH Reality Check in an email, “Ken Buck was out of touch with Colorado voters the last time he sought elected office, and he still does not get it. Women must continue to have the fundamental right to have control of her body, and she is the only one who should be making decisions about what happens to her body without interference from politicians or government. Decisions about reproductive health should remain a decision between a woman and her health-care provider, period. Colorado voters have reaffirmed this several times over and will again in 2014.”

In his KLZ interview, Buck also expressed broad opposition to the Obama administration’s compromise position of requiring health insurance companies to include birth control in health plans.

“This administration has ignored those of us who place our faith in the front of our beliefs, and it’s just so sad to think that the government would even want to put itself in the position of forcing a doctor to perform an abortion or issue birth control or do other things that violate that doctor’s conscience or a hospital or an employer require to purchase certain types of insurance,” Buck told KLZ. “It’s short-sighted. It’s, in my opinion, a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, of the Bill of Rights. And it’s just sad that we’ve come to this point in our country’s history.”

Under Obamacare, no doctor is required to perform an abortion. The national health law does set minimum standards for health insurance.

Anti-choice Republicans have struggled in recent years in answering abortion-related questions. For example, Rep. Todd Akin’s thoughts about “legitimate rape” sunk his 2010 bid for a Senate seat in Missouri.

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  • MsC

    The cancer comparison works for me. If I have something growing in my body — whether it’s a parasite, fetus, or cancer — I want the right to get it out of my body.

    • Lmaris

      Agreed. He also CHOSE to have removed the growing tissues, which cannot survive outside his body. He likely would not survive if he allowed the tissues to continue to be nurtured by his body, but even if there was no risk of harm to himself, he is permitted to choose whether the tissues remain. A fetus is a potential life, and as such, it has no more right to exist than an ovum or sperm cell.

  • VeggieTart

    Hey, those cancer cells are life, too, Ken.

    And I hope you will care about that child once it is born.

  • roooth

    Forget cancer as an equivalent. I want Congress to have meetings to discuss laws to force men to allow the government to control their sperm emissions. Now, in all fairness, the meetings should be held only by women, and those women should feel spiritually entitled to take control of their sperm away from all men.

    The Bible, remarkably silent about abortion, is extremely clear that it is a great big huge sin for men to spill their seed. That’s probably why we even have all these disasters, and society falling apart – men arrogantly defying the Word of God.

    These arrogant, prideful, sinful men are not fit to meet and pass laws over the right of women to control their own bodies. They need their own motes removed from their eyes before they even think about using their religious “beliefs” to tell us what we may or may not do.

    • RonPaul2012

      Numbers 5. The bible has no problem with abortion if the woman is suspected of adultery.

    • Ella Warnock

      I love how the men’s rights and pro-lie loons wail and moan about men having no “choice” when a woman aborts. No, they had a choice not to have sex with a woman who wouldn’t be just giddy and beside herself to have his baybees. Pro-life men need to not screw pro-choice women. You’d think they’d eventually catch on, but I guess it’s just easier to whine about how so little of their life is actually their own responsibility.

      • CJ99

        or better yet perform spontaneous & random condom & spermicide checks on men. Could call it the flying latex squad.

    • Plum Dumpling

      The Bible is not silent about abortion. Mosaic law provides for a trial by ordeal (abortion) for a woman accused of adultery. The proof of the adultery is the aborted fetus. Numbers 5:12.

  • whatareuthinking

    How far will this go?? Imagine these nuts starting to declare that rape resulting in pregnancy is allowable? Really this sounds off the wall but how far away from that are we? Buck focuses his attention on demonizing pregnant women and displays NO compassion for assault victims. Nor does he admonish men in any way for their culpability in unwanted pregnancies.

    • Ella Warnock

      More and more pro-liars are against exceptions of any kind. Yeah, it’s off the wall, but that’s their standard MO. They think they’re perfectly sane.

      • CJ99

        Charles manson will tell you he’s perfectly sane too if he gets the chance, but we don’t believe him either.

  • lady_black

    Of course, an embryo or pre-viable fetus is no more “alive” than his cancer is “alive.” And cut off from it’s respective host, neither will be alive. WORKS FOR ME.

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    Yeah, okay jerk, my uterus, my ovaries, my vagina, my choice, not yours.
    I’d die before I’d let some chump like this tell me what I can do with
    my body.

    • Jennifer Starr

      Reported for spamming–copying and pasting this off another user. Quit promoting your website.

  • Ivy Mike

    Is it just me, or has the past week been chock-full of Republican pols saying asinine things? Not just reproductive health care, mind you, but also some pretty stupid stuff about other topics.

    It’s as if when one of them chooses to pander to the most extreme fanatics among his supporters, the rest decide that they have to, as well.

    • colleen2

      But Republican pols say and do stupid things every time they open their mouths. As we get closer to an election they open their mouths more often.

  • CJ99

    So only he controls his body while everyone else isn’t allowed to do the same according to him. What a sanctimonious sack shit this goon is.

    • fiona64

      CJ, didn’t you get the memo … only cisgendered, hetero Caucasian GOP men have the right to bodily autonomy. Everyone else has to ask permission of the aforementioned group. /snark

      • CJ99

        I’m a hetero pale guy & I’m still waiting. Bleh I’d rather be jovian, andorian, pleijaran, anything but human right now.

      • HeilMary1

        You forgot about Viagra-abusing priests! They get get-out-of-jail passes to the Vatican whenever angry altar boys and jilted mistresses complain.

  • pitbullgirl1965

    I want to be in control of your body you woman hating turd. Time to give these creeps some payback.

    • CJ99

      that sounds like the kind of kink he’d enjoy.

  • Plum Dumpling

    Ken Buck is running for office again? God help us.

  • BJ Survivor

    Didn’t you get the memo? Bodily autonomy is a right reserved for right-wing, Christian men, NOT liberals, women or LGBTQ.