• CJ99

    Something I’ve often noticed among the religious wrong is not only do they believe contrary to facts that even talking about sex (sexting or not) leads to sex always (which is untrue) but they in many instances also have a severe aversion to most technology. One unrelated example is a person who owns a christian bookstore where I live is always lamenting ipads & e-readers and in 1 of his recent diatribes on his spam-list he ranted about how amazon in his mind is anti-christian and trying to destroy christian bookstores. This is the same person who also claimed that “theatres are the new churches” and “hollywood trying to replace god with actors as the new gods”. On the surface it seems unrelated. On a deeper level though there is some connection. In this instance many right wingers have for years been trying to push some kind of “sexual agenda” far more than such happens in reality.

    It’s a good thing those studies like the article refers to are breaking down the myths so that we can get down to whats really going on. Kids do need to develop real knowledge about relationships so they don’t fall into either rut of unsafe sex or being forced to believe “all sex is dirty & immoral”. It’s a tough job for parents & educators, indeed for all of us but it needs doing.

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