• anja

    “women should not be forced to run to court, year after year, in state
    after state, to protect their constitutional rights and access to
    critical health care.” So true! The problem is, the anti-choice mob doesn’t have enough support to get their wish of banning abortions enacted into laws so they have to repeatedly enact a deluge of restrictive and often unnecessary and impractical regulations inorder to block access to a legal service.

    We just need federal laws that ban restrictive anti-abortion legislation. It would save a lot of heartbreak and taxpayer money.

  • JamieHaman

    How nice to get a win! Now, we need to start pushing for federal laws that prevent anti abortion efforts. We need to push hard for these laws.

    • http://plumstchili.blogspot.com/ Plum Dumpling

      Should be covered under current anti stalking and harassment law. Women need to bring lawsuits liberally against municipalities that do not enforce stalking/harassment laws. Cost these municipalities a big load of money to defend their inaction and – shazam – no more stalker/perverts in front of clinics.

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