• fiona64

    The reason that there are fewer abortions has nothing to do with “choosing to carry pregnancies to term.” It has everything to do with shutting down access.

    • expect_resistance

      And we know it has everything to do with access. It has nothing to do with, ”Women are changing their hearts and minds.” It has more to do with women having very little access or none at all. And the perception that they believe abortion is illegal in ND. Of course the antis would never admit that.

      It would be interesting if they looked to see if there is an uptick in women traveling to neighboring states like Minnesota to get an abortion. Could they travel to Canada? I would help anyone in Eastern North Dakota to go to MN to get an abortion.

  • Terry Evdokimoff

    I would like to give a few old men transvaginal ultrasound wands for Xmas. I will even show them how it works. Oh wait, they don’t have uteri. I’ll guess I’ll have to go in the other way.

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