McAuliffe Reappoints McDonnell’s Secretary of Health

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Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe announced Wednesday his selection of Dr. Bill Hazel as secretary of health and human resources, calling him an “invaluable asset.” Hazel has been serving in the cabinet post since 2010, when outgoing Gov. Bob McDonnell appointed him.

During his tenure, Hazel has supported Gov. McDonnell in the implementation of several anti-choice policies.

Voted into office last month, McAuliffe ran a race heavily focused on protecting women’s access to abortion. The group Planned Parenthood Votes endorsed McAuliffe and spent more than $1 million blanketing the state with radio and television ads against McAuliffe’s opponent, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

State Sen. Richard Saslaw (D-Fairfax) told the Washington Post that Hazel represents McAuliffe’s “best shot at Medicaid expansion by far.” Under McDonnell’s leadership, Hazel expressed opposition to the application of the Affordable Care Act, including Medicaid expansion, to Virginia.

Virginia cabinet members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by each legislative house.

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  • colleen2

    And this is why I loathe ‘centrist’ Democrats (and, for that matter, why I refuse to sign the ‘pledge’ to vote for Mrs Clinton). You can send them money, work for their campaign and vote for them and they will STILL fuck you and all your friends over and enjoy themselves while they do so. They will do this EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s their strategy and it’s why i say that Democrats are as culpable for the destruction of our nation as the GOP. Believing that Terry McAuliffe will be a good governor for women or intends to keep his promises is like believing the Catholic church has changed because the Pope is exhibiting some belated signs of concern towards the poor.
    I believe the ‘strategy’ the centrists dems have in regard to abortion is to lose that fight by being the weak, useless assholes we’ve always known them to be and to present their unfortunate selves as the defenders and liberators of women by allowing us access to “free” effective contraception if we can afford the premiums.

    • grantal

      I completely agree. NO politician can ever be trusted they all work for the corporations not the people. Merry Capitalism everyone.

      • colleen2

        You are welcome to agree with me but I actually don’t take the position that “no politician can be trusted” . There are many Democrats who DO represent their constituents and, while politics is a hard, hard game, people like Eleanor Holmes Norton and Bernie Saunders and Howard Dean have my sincere admiration for the manner in which they play it.

        • grantal

          Ok on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Still, having known a few politicians I still don’t trust them. They should not make bold promises that they cannot keep- because of impossible no fault of their own circumstances.

  •!/dameocrat Dameocrat

    We Women need to start cultivating our own candidates, or cynical people will do it for us, and we will never get good result! I really hope Liz wins. I am pretty sure she will defend Women’s rights as well as the rights of the middle class. She is a sincere person and not a shill of big business!

  • ghhshirley

    WTH would he keep that asshat?