• MsC

    Peeta is a stronger character than he gets credit for, because writers and other critics take the lazy way out when having to write about Peeta vs. Gale.

    Story spoilers ahead, so don’t read on if you haven’t seen the movies or read the books yet:

    Peeta’s physical strength is shown. But he also has mental and emotional strengths that aren’t necessarily gentle or what may be called traditionally “feminine.” They really aren’t masculine or feminine.

    Peeta formed an alliance with some of the Careers, was wily enough to keep them off Katniss’ trail for a while, was physically strong enough to hold his own with them during that time, and was clever enough to catch on to the adult games going on around them well before Katniss. He was also smart enough to figure out and show Katniss how to get him out of Cato’s grip during the final fight on the Cornucopia.

    There’s something often left out of the dismissal of Peeta, the fact that his mother verbally and physically abused him and his siblings. Perhaps that is why he is able to tune into other people’s actions, moods and motivations more easily than solitary Katniss, not because he is more “feminine.” Being able to anticipate his mother’s moods may have helped him avoid more abuse. It may have helped him learn how to spot and play the games behind the Hunger Games and thus was a large part of why he and Katniss were able to win.

    Ultimately, Peeta’s ability to adapt to his environment, symbolized by his using his artistic talents to create disguises, is one his strongest traits and helps keep him and Katniss alive.

    • PasosOlvidados

      Thank you for this post. People who have yet to read the books never realize how integral Peeta is to Katniss’s survival. Katniss actually comes off as more manipulative, selfish, brash, and stupid in the books than Peeta does, and a lot of the point of Catching Fire was to put Katniss down a peg. In an arena where she is surrounded by people that have experienced much more hardship than her, she becomes the person that everyone ends up dying to save. She is made to feel her true usefulness when she continues to stick with her selfish ideals. Peeta on the other hand, who had already lost his leg saving Katniss in The Hunger Games, continues to know how to work well with others and consistently sacrifices himself for her.

      This is shown even further in the third book. Katniss may be the main character in this story, but she is far from the heroine.

  • Horation_Tobias_HumpleDinK

    Wasnt really confused because he pretty much behaves like me, but can see why he will. You should watch some animes or read some mangas. Been a fair few male characters that totally are ‘unmaleish’. Some that cry a lot. Its interesting, because so many mangas and animes. Create such rich female and nontraditional female characters, and male characters too. Even cross dressing male characters that are awesome. That the western sphere of media, is really behind.

    • CiaranMacAoidh

      I didn’t know that about manga and anime. I was turned off by some of the first anime I watched because it was horribly sexist and a bit rapey.

      • CJ99

        which anime are you referring to?

        • CiaranMacAoidh

          I’ve no doubt, and I certainly would smear an entire style of art or a genre. I know it’s because of my own lack of knowledge, but I was a bit surprised at the inclusiveness above.
          I can’t remember them exactly; one had a teacher turn into a tentacled monster when her pupil turned down her ‘advances’. Then there was some tentacle-based nastiness.

          • CJ99

            That’s known as Eroge / Hentai / Etchi, a pretty small subset of animation. There’s a lot better stuff out there. some of it has humour based on innuendo but not overtly perverse. I could name quite a few examples but just a few would be Vexille (movie), Full metal Panic (series), Tenchi Muyo (series), Ghost in the shell (Movies & series), Appleseed (Movies & series). Anime can vary from very action oriented (Macross) to action/horror (akira) to comedy (Tenchi Muyo).

            I think where most of us here in North America just don’t get it is we were brought up on a very limited form of animation aimed at 4 year olds. Plus when we do hear of anime it ends up on some fox “news” making some slanted “report” with a rediculous assertion that “all anime is porno” which isn’t really true.

          • CiaranMacAoidh

            Good to know what to avoid… :)

            I saw Akira, Vampire Hunter D and Ghost in the Shell a looong time ago but I thought I’d give anime another go and must’ve just hit on the wrong stuff. Since talking to you I’ve gotten copies of My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Mononoke since your first reply, so I’ll give it another, fairer, shot.

          • CJ99

            Thanks for the reply & being open about it, Haven’t seen totoro & I find mononoke a bit too close to disney for my personal tastes but no prob if you or anyone likes them. One that struck me in an unexpected way was 1 I mentioned above: vexille, I got it for my liking of action movies but what I didn’t realize is it’s got an unexpected (for me at least) human element that caught me off guard in a good way. for stuff here in north america viz entertainment & funimation release quite a lot usually with both japanese & english audio (with subtitles). You can also find some via streaming online cheaply or sometimes free looking around to so shouldn’t be expensive just for checking it out.

          • CiaranMacAoidh

            Thank you, by the way, for the list, the starter-education and the chat.

    • CJ99

      Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion springs to mind as does Ichika Orimura of Infinite stratos though not all would like them being 1 of the few males in the series being competed for by the women who outnumber them. But then they often have a hard time completing with stronger female characters such as Asuka Lanely Sohryu or Houki Shinonono.

  • misteriousveiwerwoman

    Peeta is awesome!

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