• Quis ut Deus

    Either black women are welfare queens or victims of genocide.

    According to Republicans.

  • http://www.myspace.com/btdsloveshack blazintommyd

    Part of the solution is to not have children unless you can afford to – e.g., “Planned Parenthood”. The other part of the solution is to end gender and age segregation – i.e., people that are alive now are people and use Our government to ensure that Our basic subsistence needs, as people, are met; rather than subsidizing business and placing humanity at their mercy whether it’s under RayGun/O’bama trickle down economics or trying to encourage make work to ensure there are enough people to pay into the SS tontine, the health care tontine, car insurance tontine, Wall Street tontine, etc etc. Another part of it is to end denial – viz., O’bama is doing the same things RayGun did the only difference is when the RayGunites hold the reins there is no hope, when the O’Bamaites hold the reins there’s hope, but it’s still the same old same old. The good cops/bad cops just market each others’ differently and until that Democratic-republican bosh is ended, these problems shall persist as they’ve done all through modern times.

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