• Quis ut Deus

    And some people say that pro-lifers are nice people who really don’t want women to die from restricted access to abortion… Mis- characterization my ass.

    • cecilia

      these people are pro-fetus and anti-women..
      they are basically saying ‘we don’t care if you get raped and we don’t care if you die. You don’t count”

      well, F you

    • Kathi J

      Repeatedly in online conversations with anti-choicers they are in favor of prosecuting women, imprisoning them for having abortions, do not care if they die or have unrecoverable health issues or think it’s perfectly okay for a woman to carry a pregnancy to term when she knows in advance the prognosis for that ‘baby’ is immediate death. And they call me immoral for being in favor of abortion. Also they all firmly believe there is an abortion mandate in the ACA (along with a sterilization mandate).

  • Mikifin

    As a 65 year old woman who fought for the right of a women to choose in the 1970’s. I believe the ban on insurance for abortions only hurts single women raising children alone or children in foster care until 18. That men in congress think they can rule the lives of voters or potential voters is horrendous. Women need to give their support to all our women friends and children.

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