‘Choose Life’ License Plates Raise $46,000 for Texas Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Adoption Agencies

Tens of thousands of dollars raised from sales of newly authorized “Choose Life” license plates in Texas will go to 13 crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies, as part of an effort “to encourage adoption as an alternative to abortion.”

The state attorney general’s office will award a total of $46,100 to the recipients, including $10,000 to the Gladney Center for Adoption and $7,500 to the Houston Pregnancy Help Center, according to a press release sent Monday. The grants are awarded for purposes that include “[m]edia advertising to promote adoption,” “material assistance for pregnant mothers considering adoption,” “adoption training for staff,” and “educational and training materials on adoption.”

The “Choose Life” grants are part of an increasing effort among state lawmakers and bureaucrats to dissuade abortion-seeking Texans from ending their pregnancies and convince them instead to relinquish their children to adoptive parents. State Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. has begun promoting a bill that would require pregnant Texans who consider abortion to take a three-hour “options” course about adoption, in addition to reviewing the state’s mandated “Woman’s Right to Know” pamphlet, which links abortion with breast cancer; undergoing a mandatory ultrasound; and waiting 24 hours between the ultrasound and the abortion procedure.

As the San Antonio Current reported earlier this month, Texas has also diverted some family planning funds into an Alternatives to Abortion program, doling out $36 million to 30 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) over the last eight years. Writes the Current‘s Mary Tuma:

State and federal investigations show the misinformation is a systemic pattern among CPCs. A 2006 U.S. Congressional investigation found that the “vast majority” of such federally funded pregnancy resource centers under review, “misrepresented the medical consequences of abortion,” and “often grossly exaggerating the risks,” of abortion’s link to cancer, future infertility and mental health effects. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas conducted undercover investigations of their own in 2009, reporting that all the taxpayer-funded CPCs visited repeated the false link between abortion and breast cancer and that 67 percent of centers cited false information about the efficacy of condoms in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

The attorney general’s office reported that almost 2,300 “Choose Life” license plates have been purchased since Texas state legislators authorized their production in 2011.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, “Choose Life” license plates are available in 29 states, including Hawaii, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Eighteen of those states donate proceeds from the license plates to agencies that promote adoption.

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  • fiona64

    Is there a corresponding opportunity to support women’s health through plates that benefit Planned Parenthood or similar, rather than giving money to organizations that are known to lie and coerce pregnant women?

    • spazaru

      In Texas, no way. In Virginia, there is. I don’t know of any other states with plates that support Planned Parenthood. There have even been court cases I believe where people challenge the right to sell anti-choice plates if a pro-choice plate isn’t available as well. Unfortunately the challenges have failed, which is why we have all these antis driving around supporting lying to women.

  • dance commander

    If you equip a pro-choice plate in a red state you are likely to get shot in the face.

    • P. McCoy

      All the more reason to that these anti-Choicers as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS and deal with them as we would any other terrorists that interfere in Women’s health and civil rights

  • PHX2013

    Very good question, Alicia. Seems to me no one cares for her once she signs over her rights. Being a Broodmare for Anti-choicers, instead of being a viable, valuble human being is all their agenda entails.

  • PHX2013

    I can’t believe any organization would raise a DIME for these lying, manipulative Domestic Terrorists. That money could go to young women who need a little help and encouragement to keep their own flesh and blood, not wrangle them away from them to sell to baby brokers and their more well off clients. This sickens me and if you are a young, vulnerable women faced with an unplanned pregnancy, STAY AWAY from these places. You will regret it if you place your life and that of your unborn child in their hands, should you decide to proceed with your pregnancy. Don’t make a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances. The repercussions will be life long and irreparable.