• Dorothy N.

    Thanks so VERY much for writing this!

    I recently signed a petition regarding this bizarre expression of mental sickness presented in the form of an editorial???!!! on which comments were not an option.

    While I can certainly understand why the public might not have been encouraged to express the outrage felt following our gag reflex in response to this ugly display of pathology within what was once a newspaper, reading this memo made me feel better about having had to repress the boiling disgust within, something which bothers me still, despite lacking adequate words (not involving swearing) to adequately express my feelings on the matter.

    If the US had a civilized health-care system, perhaps therapy might help people like Cohen at least understand the conventions of modern society and democracy sufficiently to function within them, without offending not only his targets but every sane person sullied by exposure to his mindless hate speech, and concerned about his – and, more importantly, a newspaper’s – support of others with the same mental issues.

    Hate speech, discrimination, insult, incitement of contempt and hatred against identifiable groups of pacific, law-abiding people – such attacks do not form free speech, but impose upon the rights of others to live and love in the pursuit of happiness – and to keep their lunch down when encountering it.

  • CJ99

    Why would a known established newspaper even consider publishing blatant racism as op/ed? Not only should the writer of such drivel be sacked the editorial staff should join them in unemployment. I’ve known 4 couples of different cultures (all visibly different) and all are certainly very normal.

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