• http://twitter.com/#!/dameocrat Dameocrat

    Will contraceptives be available? What services will it provide? Texas Tech looks really sucky now, at least if you are a young women.

    • Andrea Grimes

      Yes, they will prescribe contraceptives.

      • http://twitter.com/#!/dameocrat Dameocrat

        Just prescribe? Many women that use PP go there because they can’t afford birth control, so birth control is available on a sliding fee. Many doctors prescribe.

    • goatini

      Condra is a vulture scavenging for inventory for her human trafficking syndicate. I agree with you and Colleen that this rapacious bottom feeder will NOT be offering ANY actual reproductive health care on a sliding scale basis. The ONLY “offering” that will be “free” will be the seizure of the products of gestational slavery, to be sold to the highest bidder.

  • colleen

    Of course there is a shortage of reproductive healthcare. The religious right forced the closure of the local Planned Parenthood offices. Are we supposed to admire her spunky right wing Christian ‘feminism’ ? Her deep and abiding concern for pregnant women?

    I’m pretty sure that the Ms Condra will be making a considerable profit from her nonprofit adoption services and equally certain that that the limited reproductive healthcare they do supply will not be offered on a sliding scale basis. I am absolutely certain that she and her right wing fundie business will continue to exploit poor women and use their babies for profit. This is a religious right business. They will use poor women like breeding livestock. Why the advertisement for her entrepreneurial efforts?

    • goatini

      You have to take a look at the so-called “Adoption Covenant” Facebook page. Absolutely disgusting. Reminds me of nothing so much as homeless cat and dog placement agencies. If you had any doubts of whether this was a human trafficking enterprise, the Facebook page will remove all those doubts. Reprehensible exploitation of women with unwanted pregnancies, treating the product of their gestational slavery like Pound Puppies.

      • colleen

        I think that women from the religious right need to acknowledge their tendency to exploit and demean other women and stop presenting themselves as ‘fellow women allies’. They aren’t allies, they’re vultures.

  • http://www.adoptionbirthmothers.com/musings-of-the-lame-an-adoption-blog/ Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy

    Nice lip services messaging.. we can Almost believe her, but Somehow, I doubt that she REALLY cares about making sure women get the reproductive health services they need. It’s another case of an adoption agency funnel. It’s target marketing for the suppliers needed to keep the adoption profits coming in. It’s almost brilliant, if it wasn’t completely disgusting.

    • CJ99

      That what worries me about this. What ulterior motives are going on behind the scenes?

  • PHX2013

    Oh, yes… now we have an answer. Use the old Planed Parenthood centers as factories to house vulnerable young women, so they can be used as broodmares for rich republicans who think they are entitled to the offspring of the less fortunate. Sickening, I tell ya. Absolutely sickening.

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