‘RH Reality Check’ State of Abortion Database Updated With Responses From Nearly Every State

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Review the database of state documents collected and analyzed by RH Reality Check here.

RH Reality Check’s database of information on how states regulate and monitor abortion now contains information from nearly every state.

Our searchable tool has been updated to include final responses from 48 state attorneys general and 41 state health departments about a wide range of issues involving abortion.

We’ve uploaded the responses we received since the August launch of this project. The additional responses support our earlier analysis—that abortion in the United States is overwhelmingly safe and highly regulated.

We’ve published some new articles that draw on this material. In particular, the documents show that West Virginia’s hard-charging, anti-choice attorney general has no factual basis for his push to further restrict access to abortion in that state.

Look out for more articles in this series over the coming weeks. We’ll also continue to update the database as more documents become available.

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