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    The REAL unawareness spread by the breast cancer awareness cult are the myths that science doesn’t know the causes of the disease, that breast cancer screening is prevention, and that women should get mammograms (read “The Mammogram Myth” by Rolf Hefti). The proposed law is probably going to increase overdiagnosis, thus causing unnecessary harm.

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    Breast Density is not considered a disease because scientist have not been able to establish how “denseness” occurs. A little background information, since the 1990’s x-Ray devices for mammograms have shifted from analog to digital making it easier for radiologist to transfer and decrease time for viewing. Unfortunately digital scans brought with it a reduction in clearness for radiologist, this is known as attenuation or scattering from the radiation collected. A mineral that deflects the beam signal is aluminum salts. Dr. Darbre and Dr. Chris Exley found elevated aluminum storing in breast cysts and tumors. This would explain how some breast with excess alum salts from dietary could create density in some women. When the radiologist is unable to read a scan they may elect to increase radiation and or narrow the beam of radiation to over power the deflecting aluminum in calcium stored in breast. As a Researcher for this subject, the breast can be a repository for aluminum from air, water, food and medications. There is a solution that can be followed to reduce exposure and denseness. Prior to a mammogram, a topical detox and cleansing of the underarm and breast region to flush out any trapped alum salts allowing the breast cell waste to flow to the underarm and skin. A dietary reduction of any product or food containing alum. Don’t wear cheap earrings as the metal ions tend to be absorb into the lymphatic pathways and leach into the breast region. To explain, we found that the underarm has two separate portals from which cell waste drains, the bottom one displays the flow of breast waste as may be viewed by certain thermographic devices before and after detoxing of the breast.

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