Feminists really make mountains out of molehills sometimes.

    If I were starting a new branch of feminism, it would be called “fuck-it” feminism and the only creed would be “screw society and do what’s fun for you”.

    • Wicked Julia

      That’s because we are damned if we do and damned it we don’t. If we don’t show enough caring for traditional women interests, we risk criticism from the mainstream. If we don’t enough interest in feminist causes, we are accused of being apolitical. I strongly believe in self care but, I think it is up to each person to decide what she considers to be self care.

      • XKCD

        No no no no no!
        The entire point is to fuck the mainstream. Seriously, make a list and title it “Reasons why I should sacrifice my happiness to avoid criticism” and tell me if you can come up with one legitimate reason. Whether that’s not being feminine enough or not being political enough (by whose judgement?), do what you want and screw anyone else who wants your life to conform to their views.

        I mean geez, I’m a mixed-race, agnostic lesbian. Guess what? People generally still like me more when I’m happy and confident, regardless of everything else.

        • Wicked Julia

          Here’s an easy answer “to keep my job” which is an answer a lot of women could give right now. It is easy to say fuck the mainstream and I have done it more than once in my life. Hell, I am doing it right now with my life but, I am also aware that there can be a cost. Most, almost all of the time, my response is ‘like me for who I am or feel free to fuck off’. At this moment, I am disgusted by both sides.

          I am a hell of a lot easier to deal with when I am feeling happy and confident, too. Aren’t we all? I’m a mixed race, (mostly) straight,semi-retired Domme among other things and sometimes I feel if I get any less mainstream, I’m going to fall off the fucking planet.

        • Arekushieru

          See, when people see a woman who is confident and happy, they generally assume she’s a ball-busting ‘bitch’ and/or are jealous of her. When a man is perceived as happy and confident, he gets society’s approval. That’s the difference neither of you seem to be aware of. In this case, it’s NOT something imposed upon you by other feminists, but by mainstream society, itself. Sorry.

          No, I am NOT saying self-care is selfish, but I really think you, and perhaps even Zerlina, are attacking the wrong TARGET.

          • XKCD

            1) I am fully aware that sometimes, that is the case. Maybe not on as large a scale as you think, though.
            2) I never said or implied anything was imposed by feminism.
            3) My entire point was that you shouldn’t give a damn what those people think.

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