• MaiaDoe

    I’m actually not surprised, because I think that huge proportion of people (of all ages) think that only using physical force or threats (of physical harm, not of exposing “something wrong the unwilling person did”) counts as “doing something wrong”.

  • MaiaDoe

    That’s true. But what to do with children whose parents failed?
    Take them away from their parents and put them into foster families or get them instituonalized? Well, probably the best option IMO, but sadly there are so many of these children that it’s just impossible. Someone needs to step in and try to repair at least some damage, and schools look like the easiest option.

  • jruwaldt

    Schools do need to teach about sex. Human reproduction and sexuality are complicated subjects that need to be taught as part of science or health. Many (probably most) parents don’t know enough about reproduction and are uncomfortable talking to their kids about sexual matters, so the kids need to learn about them in a nonjudgmental manner. If parents don’t approve of the kind of sex education their kids are getting, they should be able to opt out.

    • cj99.willingness99@gmail.com

      yes parents should be involved. but many including my own didn’t, in face mine were as far to the other extreme as to try to insist on forced celibacy which is equally unhealthy for many. Far better that younger people have the knowledge to make smart choices on their own without pressure either way.l

  • cj99.willingness99@gmail.com

    actually wrong. as I just said many parents utterly fail. For schools to ignore kids in this way is to create another generation of victims. bullying starts at home not at school.

  • cjvg

    Actually no, this is basic biology and as such should be a graded chapter in that class.
    Just like it is in every other civilized and well balanced western country!

    Why should our children be better informed and graded on the biology and reproductive strategies of other fauna and flora then they are about those of humans?
    It is patently absurd to be so afraid that your child might actually understand their reproductive system and the biology of their own body

    How strange is the mind that wants their child ignorant of what can hurt them when not explained to them?!

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