• Melooley

    The Affordable Care Act arguably does more to prevent abortion (by reducing the rate of unintended pregnancies) than any of the right-wing legislation bandied about by red states in recent years. Somehow, though, acknowledging this fact is apparently physically impossible for those that claim their goal is the prevention of abortion. It’s almost as though… dare I say it? It’s almost as though their goal isn’t actually reducing the demand for abortions.

    • HeilMary1

      Their goal is to extort sexual abstinence out of all of us sexual “unworthies”, including low-income and non-white married couples, by keeping sex deadly and bankrupting for women.

    • Arachne646

      Abortion “prevention” is a very wishy-washy, mainline-Protestant concept, according to Evangelical Christians. Getting women to abandon lives of sin and fornication, and to either live chaste, single lives, or marry and have children in Christian families is the real goal of the right-wing Church. This is how women are really supposed to live, so doing everything possible to take away their freedom is actually very loving!

      • PhattElvis

        Let’s be perfectly frank, the goal of the right wingers is to impose their fundamentalist Christian beliefs on everyone and to codify puritanical requirements of sexual purity into law. It is a blatant attempt to flout the First Amendment cannon against establishment of a state religion.

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