• hoppytoad79

    *facepalms* And does the State plan to pay child support for the baby, since they’re forcing her to carry it to term? [/sarcasm] This is a giant clusterfluck.

    • colleen2

      Odd that the state has no concern about the father. It is as if this girl became pregnant through parthenogenesis. as usual. why if they mention the father it might ruin his life. We can’t have that.

  • cj99.willingness99@gmail.com

    Thats 1 place I’d be terrified to grow up. It verges on state sanctioned slavery

  • Shan

    And I suppose they believe that the act of giving birth will magically confer upon her the maturity required to decide what to do with an actual baby. I’ll join hoppytoad79 with the facepalming.

    • Ella Warnock

      I think what they really hope is that she’ll give up the kid to a Nice Christian Couple(TM). The holiest and most pious among us are entitled to use others as incubators, after all. 9_9

      • Shan

        Indeed. Even if they’re still children themselves. It’s like having a state-run baby factory.

    • colleen2

      I think they will take the infant from her. The 16 year old is not a ‘person’ to them. She has no legal rights or authority over her own body. She is simply a gestation device at this point.

      • Ella Warnock

        Quite frankly, if you’re a woman in childbearing years, you probably need to be very circumspect about what you share with anyone in the medical community, unless you know your health care providers pretty well. In this case we clearly see how the girl is no longer considered the patient by anyone’s standard.

        • fiona64

          I don’t remember what state it was that decided that all women who had reached onset of menarche but were not yet in menopause were “pre-pregnant” and to be treated as such …

          • Jen

            That would be Arizona. :|

          • fiona64


  • Deardra12

    It is tragic indeed in my opinion that a 16 should become pregnant, but there is NOTHING tragic in refusing to permit abortion to become a substitute for birth control. Abortion is being misused in non-medically required cases by numerous people in the United States.

    The difficult situation confronting the young lady at this time reflects the societal risks imposed on teens today by irresponsible attitudes towards sexuality on the part of American society as a whole which have followed in the wake of the so-called “Sexual Revolution” of the 1960s. Probably our country should return to a standard which places greater value on chastity before marriage and which severely punishes predators who intentionally take advantage of minors.

    • Mandy

      So…you are saying that you agree that the state should be able to FORCE minors to gestate and give birth to children against their will? Because that is what just happened here. This girl is clear in her understanding of what raising children takes and clear in her belief that she is not ready for children and not ready to face scorn at the hands of her foster parents if she chooses to give any child up for adoption. But no. This obviously biased Judge has forced her to use her body in this way, forcing her to take on all risks (mental AND physical), AND all costs entailed during pregnancy and birth.

      I mean it’s all well and good that you want “greater value on chastity before marriage” but how is forcing teenagers to birth children against their will a part of that? Just because YOU personally think abotion should only be allowed for women with medical problems that doesn’t make it so. Abortion is just a legitimate option for a women who gets pregnant and decides she is simply not ready (mentally, physically, OR financially) to be a parent and take on all those responsibilities. Denying teenagers access to abortion and birth control is going to do absolutely NOTHING to encourage them to not have sex before marriage. Teenagers have sex. Get over it. It’s 2013. Not the 1850. We can all admit this is happening. Now it’s up to us to EDUCATE them with ways to prevent pregnancy and show them how much work parenthood is so that they can make their own decisions.

      Decisions that this douchebag of a judge just took away from a teenage girl by forcing her to give birth against her will. Don’t be like this guy. Trust women and girls to know themselves and know when they are ready to become a parent. Don’t force your belief on them.

    • Arekushieru

      So, you’re one of those that thinks abortions didn’t happen before the 1960s? After all, if you think that the ‘sexual revolution’ lead to non-medically necessary abortions, that MUST be what you believe. Must be nice living in that fairy-tale world of yours.

      You want your country to return to a standard that made little girls chattel? Wow, someone needs to LEARN 2 HISTORY. The ONLY ones that were supposed to invest in chastity were WOMEN. Girls as young as 12 were often forced into marriage contracts. And usually no later than 16. There was no corollary for men. OOOPS.

      Back then, victim-blaming was also MORE, not LESS, prevalent. Marital rape was permitted (and considering that most of these women were young GIRLS, iow, MINORS… well…). Your fucking misogyny REEKS.

      Abortion IS birth control no matter how many times it is used. My mother had a single abortion. She used it as birth control. DERP.

      Finally, abortion is not ‘misused’ when it occurs in non-medically required cases. If you want women to have the same rights as everyone else that is. But, of course, I forgot, you’re a MISOGYNIST.

    • fiona64

      You do realize that all forms of contraception *fail,* right?


      And that abortion has been going on across time and culture for *centuries*?


    • HeilMary1

      Over-rated chastity leads to sham gay marriages like that of my ex-neighbor, and what about disfigured spinsters like me who will NEVER get a marriage proposal? The chastity mafia is simply Nazi social Darwinism intended to shame and ostracize born-intersexed gay folks and disabled or unattractive spinsters like me.

    • colleen2

      It is tragic indeed in my opinion that a 16 should become pregnant, but
      there is NOTHING tragic in refusing to permit abortion to become a
      substitute for birth control.

      Yes dear. We understand that she’s just a human cow to you. And we understand that she and she alone is responsible for the fact that some man ejaculated into her vagina. The American Taliban would NEVER dream of holding a male responsible for ANYTHING. Men have rights, women are breeding livestock and they carry the full load of responsibility and support for any children they gestate. And they MUST gestate every zygote or die trying. We get it. What we DO NOT UNDERSTAND is why a creature like you would think the rest of us would agree with that ugly, dysfunctional, demeaning bullshit.

    • BJ Survivor

      Ah, the tiresome meme of pregnancy and childbirth as punishment for the apparent crime – but only for females* – of having consensual or being coerced or forced to have sex.

      *I say “females,” because forced-birthers such as Deardra12 have no problem forcing not only women or adolescents to create and birth children, but would also force 8-, 9-, and 10-year-old children to gestate and birth (or die trying). Forced-birthers are monsters.

  • fiona64

    Wait, wait, wait.

    a lower court’s determination that the minor was not mature enough to make this decision on her own

    She’s not considered mature enough (by an anti-choice judge) to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy on her own … but she’s considered mature enough to remain pregnant, take care of herself and the fetus, etc.


    What a bunch of hooey.

    • jejune

      Remember Mr_Cris?

      The girl should also be happy that she’s HAVING A BABYEEE

  • Amanda Kazarian

    It sucks that this poor girl is underage. Otherwise she could come to California and get the care she needs.

    • BJ Survivor

      Right? I’m so glad I live in California! Parental consent laws have been struck down at the ballots not once, but twice, and the second time by an even greater margin than the first. Medi-Cal covers elective abortions for minors and low-income people, as well as contraception, including the shot and the IUDs, as well as sterilization. When I was underemployed in 2002, I was able to get a Paragard IUD, paid for by the state. I could not have been more grateful and I could not have been happier with that method. I’m now solidly middle-class, married to the man I was dating when I got it inserted, have a career I love, and am happy to pay my taxes so that others can also enjoy the freedoms and choices that California has allowed me.

  • Shan

    The title is quite clear that it’s about minors in state custody and the article quiet clearly states:

    “The girl became a ward of Nebraska when a juvenile court terminated the
    parental rights of her biological parents who were physically abusive
    and chemically dependent.”

  • Arekushieru

    Why should she have fewer rights than adult women (like myself)? Why doesn’t she need to have parental consent to CONTINUE a pregnancy/get pregnant, then? We have already been OVER this, and here I am, once again, pointing out how parental consent laws are merely misogyny in disguise to an ignorant misogynist like yourself.

  • phsra

    Vote! Get these religious fascists out of government. That’s the greatest power we the people have.

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