• suzieg

    Who is paying for Castleman’s defense and who is representing him?

    • cj99.willingness99@gmail.com

      Invariably it’ll turn out to be the gun lobby.

  • expect_resistance

    How is this not a no-brainer to ban guns from perpetrators convicted of domestic violence?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dean-Weingarten/100001245070606 Dean Weingarten

    Before the Lautenberg amendment, no one was deprived of fundamental constitutional rights for a mere misdemeanor. At least this case is not ex post facto as many of the lautenberg prosecutions were and are.

    • Kevin Schmidt

      According to the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment has limitations, just like every amendment.
      But you want everyone but gun owners to be deprived of their fundamental constitutional rights to not get shot by an NRA gun nut.

      • cj99.willingness99@gmail.com

        the NRA is many things. Intelligent is NOT 1 of them!

      • Rational Thinking

        There’s a significant difference between the right to bare arms and shooting someone. If we follow suit with your philosophy then maybe the Supreme Court will say the limitation to the First Amendment is that free speech is only for people making smart comments.

        • Kevin Schmidt

          There are indeed limitations on the First Amendment, which the Supreme Court has ruled on over the years. Of course, your straw man is not one of them.

          The Second Amendment allows the federal government, states, counties and local communities to limit gun ownership and use to those people who are not minors, incompetent, insane or criminally violent.

          There is plenty of precedent going back over 100 years to back up my claim.

  • SparksinKY

    “Threats, coercion, and anything absent violent force does not count”
    Women in abusive homes are more likely to be murdered if there is a gun in that home. Threats and coercion are completely part of domestic violence. Take the gun away from the guy threatening to hurt someone, not after he has already done it.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    I agree. It is unconstitutional because it should ban access to firearms by people convicted of crimes of any violence, and not just domestic violence.

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