Why can’t people wait for the baby to be born. Why do that have to dictate that the baby is separate from the woman when is isn’t the fetus is a parsite until it is born. Don’t get me wrong I love my children but until they where born did I know that they would survive. Anything before term of birth is not a person…

  • ladyneeva

    Pretty sure this is the same group that put up a tasteless billboard near my house essentially taking credit for/bragging about getting one of the two Planned Parenthood offices in the city shut down, and implying that they’re targeting the other one next. Basically it’s a line drawing of the offices with the word CLOSED superimposed over the one and the word NEXT superimposed over the other.

    And across the street is our newest huge oversized monstrosity of a Catholic church, probably cost several million to build the thing, and out front is a “graveyard” of pink and blue crosses to “honor all the babies murdered by abortion” and asking us to pray for an end to abortion.

    One wonders how many actually born children could have been fed, clothed, housed and provided with medical care with the money they’re wasting on this. And how many new books and other educational tools and supplies the local school district would have if that money was sent there instead. But no, they blow it all on this garbage.

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