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    Religious issues always require reasonable workarounds, gently avoiding mistakes. This should thatk attention.

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  • phillip howel

    This statement is not accurate: “A handful of challenges to the contraception benefit in Obamacare…” 60+ challenges to this mandate have been filed, that is NOT “a handful.” It is a shell game to claim the organization is not paying for contraception and abortifacients as mandated by claiming ” For those groups, contraception is covered separately with insurers picking up the upfront costs of those policies. That means that religiously affiliated nonprofits don’t bear any cost for coverage,…” Where do the insurance companies get the money to pay claims Jessica? It comes from those paying the premiums.

    Some “religious” employers are self insured meaning they pay the claims directly– no middle man insurance company. Therefore they must pay directly for equipment and pills whose purpose is in direct conflict with their beliefs. The Constitution, supported by the recorded debates surrounding adoption of individual sections and amendments, legislation such as the Hyde Amendment, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and multiple SCOTUS decisions are clear the government cannot involve it’self in the activities and affairs of a religious organization that are not criminal.

    The law suite filed by the Little Sisters of the Poor is based upon that well established principle articulated by Thomas Jefferson: ” I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.” Jefferson reflected his frequent speaking theme that the government is not to interfere with religion and vice versa.”

    If this administration respected the Constitution the need for these law suites would not exist.

    • HeilMary1

      Mother killer, do you also support Christian Scientists running non-religious companies the right to deny all modern medical care to their captive employees? Where is your objection to insurance-covered Viagra for pedophile priests and adulterous punks like Newt Gingrich and Deal Hudson? Our Constitution doesn’t grant you mother killers the right to traffic all wombs in deadly incubating slavery on behalf of pedophile priests. Our Constitution doesn’t protect your criminal misogynist Munchausen by Proxy abuse of female employees.

      • phillip howel

        ” adulterous punks like” JFK, Bill Clinton and others.

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