• Arachne646

    It’s a good point that those who call transgender persons “sick, delusional” and so forth, must address–conversion therapy has been thoroughly discredited, so: “one can safely state that the federal government shouldn’t be in the business of engaging in conversion therapy with their transgender prisoners.” Or their veterans, and other dependents who they cover for health insurance purposes! The federal Bureau of Prisons, by the way, has just had a judgement against them that they must provide medical treatment to transgender inmates, so hopefully that will be implemented without problems!

  • ArmyGal

    Being born in the Air Force, Joining the Active Army, and
    the Alabama National Guard, Supporting my fellow veterans as a Government
    contractor, and finally as a Department of Army Civilian. I must say that I had
    always believed in the Equal Employment
    Opportunity (EEO) complaint process system. That After being a victim or a both
    a hostile work environment, Sexual Discrimination as defined by Title VII of
    the civil rights act, and a pervasive hostile work environment I filed a
    complaint. Because I believed as I was
    trained in the Army that a regulation is the gospel for accomplishing anything;
    I believed the process would work as I had believed it would have worked for the
    few instances where a Soldier had confided to me as an NCO of the United States

    Sad to say, the Initial informal complaint was filed with
    little or no response from the EEO office until well past 180 days even after
    several emails and enquires, I went to the IG office and then the formal
    complaint was taken. Now on to the next
    180 days, the EEO office only kept me informed if I contacted them to get a
    status, often taking two or more weeks to get a response.

    Then next 180 days found in Investigative reporting
    Davison personnel, at Redstone and he limited the scope when the potential
    impact the army would have been increased or additional charges could have been
    brought forward. Within two weeks the
    transcript was to have been made available to me, it did not come, nor did the
    Report Of Investigation folder until almost 3 months later. A decision was made to have a Final Agency
    Decision, based upon the belief that the right thing would be done.

    Eight months later the Department of the Army Office of
    the Assistant Secretary Manpower and Reserve Affairs, issued a Final Agency
    decision after working on the case for only about a week to review all of the

    They provided a determination that harassment, and a
    hostile work environment in their opinion was not persistent and pervasive
    enough to substantiate a claim. I ask
    how can something that went on almost 11 months with multiple incidents not be
    considered. How could they overstep the determination of the EEOC on Title VII,
    OPM Guidance, and even the Pride Proclamation made by the Secretary of defense.
    This when the defense arena is in its darkest hour rampant with sexual
    harassment, sexual assault, and sexual discrimination.

    I am sad that after more than 4 decades around the military
    that doing the right thing to protect all employee should also be doing what is
    right for the entire workforce, is instead in reviews of information by an
    Final Agency geared not toward currently EEOC Legislation, guidance, and
    against the code of Federal Regulations where an employee should not be
    discriminated against, or judged for anything other than their work

    It is a sad day at Redstone Arsenal when we fail those
    who have not only served in to protect their country but as a disabled veteran also continue to uphold
    the values of the constitution, and support or current soldiers in the field
    and in harm’s way. I will continue to
    work, I will preserves, with continues MST, and counseling. I will continue to
    see that our troops get everything they need.

    I WILL NEVER EVER EVER place my trust in the Internal
    policies, procedures, and regulations, that seem to be applicable only to the
    complainant and not the investigating team that took over 700 days to even come
    to a decision that the harassment, and discrimination was there but not
    pervasive enough to have a finding.

    I guess on Redstone Arsenal, AMC, and AMRDEC you can
    sexually harass, sexual discriminate so at least once to any person so long as
    you do not do it pervasively to the same person, or the same person does not do
    it enough times to make it a valid complaint.


    A transgendered Disabled Veteran Civil service Employee

  • Ophelia13

    It’s a well intentioned article, but I can’t agree with what’s being stated in it as fact. The author claims the military’s health care insurance, Tricare, won’t pay for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for retirees or dependents. I’m a retiree and they’re never said a word and always pay for mine. The fact that DADT and DOMA has been repealed even causes that to fail the common sense test. If I’m a beneficiary and I marry a trans person, how could they deny my spouse basic medical care such as HRT?

    The article also fails to mention that the Veterans’s Administration both offers and picks up the tab for HRT for any veteran eligible for care in their health system that has GID (gender identity disorder).

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